Yuyi Mori

Hidden Facts About Yuyi Mori

Yuyi Mori came into the limelight because of his children’s careers. Yuyi Mori was from Uruguay but moved to Mexico after divorcing his first wife. He relocated to Mexico with his children and has been by their side as they have risen into the limelight.

Yuyi Mori was a real estate businessman who worked hard to ensure his children had better life. Her daughters’ success in the acting industry has made the father a celebrity, although he died in 2016.

There is not much information about Yuyi Mori besides records indicating he is of Japanese and Uruguay decency. He moved to Mexico in 1981 and has lived there, allowing his children to grow their careers.

Besides having two daughters, Kenya and Barbara Mori, famous actresses, Yuyi had a son. The celebrity father never liked the limelight explaining why there is no information regarding his parents or education.

Was Yuyi Mori Married?

Yuyi Mori was once married to a Mexican lady named Rosario Ochoa. Rosario and Yuyi lived together and had three children, a son, and a daughter. Unfortunately, the couple divorced, and Yuyi went to live in Mexico with his children.

It is unclear if Yuyi married later in life because he never made his details known. Moreover, Rosario started learning to paint after the divorce. Considering that Yuyi Mori went to live with the children, it indicates he had a good career.

Who Are Yuyi Mori’s Daughters

Yuyi Mori’s daughters are why Yuyi Mori came into the limelight. Yuyi gave birth to two daughters, Kenya and Barbara, Mexican actresses who have won many fans through their spirited acting.

Kenya Mori is the eldest, born on January 15, 1976, and roles in Mexican television and films have made her a celebrity. Kenya studied acting in TV Azteca and started acting in 1998, appearing in Telenovel Tres Veces Sofia.

She had several other supporting roles and was in the active industry until 2008. Kenya Mori has been silent, and she decided to focus on family matters.

The other daughter of Yuyi Mori is Barbara Mori, a famous actress. Barbara was born on February 2, 1978, and she underwent a major change at three years when her parents separated.

Her father relocated to Mexico while her mother was in Uruguay, and as a child, she spent her childhood in the two places. At twelve years she settled in Mexico City with her father.

Barbara Mori got a breakthrough at age fourteen when she was discovered by fashion designer Marcos Toledo who gave her an opportunity as a model. She was working as a waitress and started modeling.

She later joined an acting school in Mexico and started her acting career. She had her first role in a Telenovela in 1996; in the following years, she participated in a comedy series, Tic Tac. Barbara became a better actress in 1998 and had a lead role in a series. Since then, Barbara has continued acting and growing into a famous figure.

Barbara was diagnosed with cancer, but thankfully, it was at an early stage. She has continued to grow her acting career.