C++ the Best Programming Language for Beginners

Why is C++ the Best Programming Language for Beginners?

Students who want to learn to program usually start by learning high-level languages like Python and Ruby. While these languages are feature-packed and offer many tools and functionalities, they aren’t great for beginners. By learning Python, you won’t be able to understand many core concepts regarding programming and compilers. Because this language is too simplified, you won’t be able to understand the functioning of a command. For instance, you can print something in Python using a one-liner command.

print (“I am a genius”)

However, while using low-level languages like C++, here’s the code you’ll have to write to print the same sentence:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main () {

cout << “I am a genius”;

return 0;


So, the one-liner command turns into a five-line code in C++. But, most importantly, it shows how the compiler runs the print command. On the other hand, in Python, everything is happening in the backend. Therefore, the developer can print anything by using a single command. This is why most universities introduce students to programming by teaching them how to code in C++.

6 Reasons Why C++ is a Great Programming Language for Starters

In this post, our experts who provide the best mobile app development services will discuss why C++is the best first language to learn:

1. It’ll Be a Lot Easier for You to Learn Other Languages

After mastering C++, learning other programming languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Java will become a lot easier for you. The syntax of most programming languages is a lot similar to C++. Hence, once you know how to create highly functional programs in C++, you’ll be able to learn programming using other languages as well. You’ll be able to understand the logic structure of all programming languages quite easily. Learning a low-level language after mastering a high-level language is a lot more difficult as the syntax and logic are a lot more simplified.

2. Community Support

The first edition of C++ was launched in 1985. Since then, this programming language has grown by leaps and bounds, offering many more features and functionality. Moreover, the community has grown massively as well. You can seek help on online platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Quora whenever you hit a snag while coding. Thousands of highly knowledgeable C++ experts online can assist you whenever you run into an issue while programming. You can also find various C++ resources online that you can integrate into your code to improve its functionality.

3. High Salary Package

If you make C++ the core of your programming skillset, you can land high-paying jobs. Software and app developers specializing in C++ can easily land a job that pays them a six-figure salary. Companies providing mobile app development services are always looking for developers with expertise in low-level languages like C and C++, as these languages are often quite pivotal in high-scale app and software development projects. Apart from getting a fantastic entry-level salary, you can also grow rapidly. Also, depending on your expertise, you’ll get paid much better with time.

4. C++ is a Better Language for Simulation

Many developers use Python for simulations because it’s more recent and has more features. However, despite being a low-level programming language, C++ is comparatively a better simulation language than Python. Due to its object-oriented approach, simulations are a lot faster. Moreover, C++ provides developers with portable models and executables, full accessibility to the base language, and various complementary development tools. Many popular simulators are built using C++, as its object-oriented approach also allows for polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance.

5. Versatility

Despite being a nearly 40-year-old language, C++ is still one of the most used and feature-rich programming languages. Why? Because it’s super versatile. C++ can be used for various purposes, from data analysis to game development. Considering this language’s versatility, employers prefer hiring C++ developers as they have expertise in a language that can be used for different tasks. Developers behind this language keep rolling out new libraries and tools that help programmers add new features to their C++ programs.

6. Mobile App Development

C++ is a highly underrated mobile app development language. It’s not just a beginner language, but it can also be used as a standalone programming language for cross-platform mobile app development. Many mobile app development services use C++ to create native and hybrid apps. It has all the tools that common mobile app development languages like Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, C#, and Swift have at their disposal. With the help of C++, you can develop interactive applications for operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.


Choosing the right programming language for your mobile app development project is important. But, opting for the best and more trustworthy mobile app development services is even more crucial for the success of your project. Hiring an in-house team can cost you a fortune. Therefore, we recommend investing in a reliable software and mobile app development company instead. They have a team of skilled and experienced developers and all the necessary resources to complete your project efficiently and provide you with the best possible results.