Wayne David Cardellini, Personal Life and Net Worth

Wayne David Cardellini is a celebrity father, best known for being the father of American actress Linda Cardellini. He is already dead but his daughter is making him proud even today.

Here, let’s talk all about Wayne David Cardellini including his childhood, family life, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and many other details related to his life.

Personal life

Born 5 June 1932 in Redwood City, California, United States to Euclid Angelo Cardellini and Sadie Edna Speers, Wayne David Cardellini is an American celebrity father. He spent most of his life in Redwood City. As for the love life of Wayne David Cardellini, he got married to Lorraine Hernan. The couple probably remained together till the death of one of their partners. However, this has not been confirmed by Wayne David Cardellini himself. On 6 March 2016 in his hometown, Wayne David Cardellini answered the call to God and said goodbye to the world.

Parents and siblings

Wayne David Cardellini was the beloved son of Euclid Angelo Cardellini and Sadie Edna Speers. Besides the names, there is not much information available about the parents of Wayne David Cardellini. The only known thing about them is that today they both are dead. If you talk about the siblings of Wayne David Cardellini, this information has not been disclosed to the public either.


With his wife, Lorraine Hernan, Wayne David Cardellini had 4 kids. Among all, her daughter  Linda Cardellini is the most popular. Today, the daughter of Wayne David Cardellini is a renowned American actress and has appeared in several superhit films.

Education and profession

Since Wayne David Cardellini has not revealed many details about himself, nothing is available about his education. With the fact that he spent his entire life in Redwood City, we hope that he must have had completed his education from there itself. As for the profession of Wayne David Cardellini, he was a businessman. What kind of business he was involved in is not known.

Reason for the popularity of Wayne David Cardellini

Needless to mention that the main reason for the popularity of Wayne David Cardellini is his daughter, Linda Cardellini, who sometimes talks about her parents and puts them in the news headlines. The close bonding of Wayne David Cardellini with his daughter is also a reason for his popularity.

Net worth of Wayne David Cardellini

With the fact that Wayne David Cardellini was a businessman, we assume that he must have had a massive amount of money in his career. However, Wayne David Cardellini has not disclosed his exact net worth. Since he was the father of a rich daughter, who has an estimated net worth of around 9 million today, we are pretty sure that he has enjoyed all the luxury in his life.


Wayne David Cardellini had a happy life and a peaceful life.  Despite being the father of such a popular actress, he always maintained a low profile and preferred to stay away from the spotlight of the media.