Walker June DeBoer

Walker June DeBoer: Net Worth & Mother

Walker was born on the 25th of January 2021 to parents Chelsea and Cole DeBoer.

She shares a birthday with her brother, is currently one year old, and has three siblings: half-sister Aubree, full sister Layne and full brother Watson.

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Her Net Worth

As Walker June is just over one year old, it’s no surprise that we can’t find any information on her net worth as she might not have one yet. Her mother, who we will learn more about shortly, has a net worth of about 200k.

Her Mother

Chelsea Anne DeBoer, with the maiden name Houska, was born on the 29th of August in 1991. She was born in South Dakota in the United States in a town called Vermillion. She was born to parents Randy Houska and Mary Kneip. Chelsea has three siblings, all girls, Angie, Emily, and Melissa.

We don’t find out she exists until 2009, when she joins the cast of a reality show. The reality show was sixteen and pregnant and followed Chelsea’s first pregnancy with her daughter Aubree Skye Lind-DeBoer. Aubree is Chelsea’s child with a previous boyfriend, Adam.

Chelsea was part of the sixteen and pregnant and later joined the cast of the show teen mom 2. She stayed part of the cast of the reality show for ten seasons and has decided to leave the show. She is leaving the show because of the effect and impact it is having on her oldest daughter, Aubree.

Chelsea expressed concerns that her daughter wouldn’t be able to confide in her for fear of the whole world hearing it since their entire lives were broadcasted onto television. Chelsea says that she has peace with leaving the show after finishing season 10 with them.

The show had started shifting the focus from Chelsea to her daughter Aubree, which had begun to make Chelsea uncomfortable. Chelsea feels that Aubree deserves privacy to deal with things like her father’s family and not have the added stress of being on television.

Besides being a reality tv star, Chelsea also has a home décor business Aubree says and works with the fashion business, diffeyewear.

Chelsea married husband Cole De Boer, Walker June’s father, in October of 2016, and they welcomed their first child together the following January. Their son. Watson Cole Deboer was born on the 25th of January, 2017.

They had met in 2014 at a gas station in South Dakota. Cole works as a traffic control specialist dealing with the roads and highways of South Dakota. The couple purchased a house together. They flipped the house into their dream home and discovered a new passion.

The couple has expressed interest in having a spin-off reality television show that focuses on buying and selling houses after turning the places into homes. The couple recently turned the house they bought into a home and found a love for doing so.

Chelsea did express concern about having her children’s personal lives on television. However, she stated that she wouldn’t mind light-hearted content featuring her children, so we might still see some of Walker June in our lounges.