Know about Vincent Van Patten’s Son Vincent Van Patten Jr.

Vincent Van Patten Jr. is the son of the tennis player and American actor Vincent Van Patten and actress, Betsy Rusell. Vincent Van Patten Jr. is known because of his parents’ popularity.

Vincent Van Patten Jr.’s Family

Vincent Van Patten Jr. was born on 3rd September 1995 to retired professional tennis player and actor Vincent Van Patten and actress Betsy Rusell. Vincent’s father is also known for his poker knowledge and for co-hosting the well-liked World Poker Tour television show. Vincent Van Patten Jr.’s father and mother met in 1988 and were soon engaged. They got married on 27th May, 1989 in North Hollywood. Numerous A-list celebs attended their wedding celebration at Van Patten’s father’s Sherman Oaks house.

Vincent Van Patten Jr.’s mother Betsy Russell was born in San Diego, California to finance writer and stock analyst Richard Lion Russell and Constance Lerner. Her maternal grandfather and father were Jews. Russell started acting in school plays when she was eight years old because she always wanted to be an actress.  While still in high school, she made an appearance in a Pepsi commercial that was filmed locally. She relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from Mission Bay High School in 1981, where she started acting training before securing her first job.

She completed a master’s program at the University of Santa Monica and holds certifications as a life coach and hypnotist, both from the same institution. On the other hand, Vincent Van Patten Jr.’s father was born to the actor Dick Van Patten and dancer Patricia Helon on 17th October, 1957.  Van is of the mix descendant of English, Dutch and English. Vincent Van Patten Jr parents divorced in 2001 after some twenty years of marriage due to known reasons. Vincent Van Patten Jr’s father went on to marry Eileen Davidson, actress with whom he has one son. Vincent Van Patten Jr also has an elder brother Richard.

Vincent Van Patten Jr.’s Career

Vincent Van Patten Jr. is now a 27-year-old man who has interest in writing, travelling and blogging. He also has his own podcast show which goes by the name “Dare to Dream Podcast” and he also works as an English teacher for the ECC Foreign Language Institute in Japan. He also has a keen interest in travel photography. Unlike his parents, Vincent Van Patten Jr. chose a different career option, in which without any doubt he is excelling. Vincent Van Patten Jr. ‘s has earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California Polytechnic State University.