Victoria Losea, Personal Life and Net Worth

There are some people in the world who become popular because they are destined to and Victoria Losea is one such person. Today, she is best known for being the mother of Lina Medina, the little girl who holds the record of becoming mother at the age of just 5. Read the article further to find out more information about Victoria Losea and her personal life details like her daughter.

In this article, we will not just discuss the personal life of Victoria Losea but also her professional life, net worth, family, background, and all other things.

Personal life

With the fact that Victoria Losea has not done anything significant in her life and is not a celebrity as such, no information is available about her family background. From the names of her parents to her exact date of birth, you would find absolutely nothing. The only known thing about her basic information is that she was Peruvian by nationality.

Speaking of the personal life of Victoria Losea, here you will get some confirmed information. The name of her husband was Tiburelo Medina and he was a silversmith by profession. Today, we expect that Victoria Losea must have died because her daughter is around 85 years old. However, there is no confirmed information available on the death of Victoria Losea either.

Parents and siblings

As we just said that the family background of Victoria Losea is secret, nothing is known about her parents as well as siblings.


The married life of Victoria Losea seems to be blissful because she became the mother of 9 kids with her marriage to Tiburelo Medina. Among all of her kids, Lina Medina is the most popular one because she is the youngest confirmed mother in history ever. When she became a mother, she was 5 years and around 8 months old.

Education and profession

Here again, not any confirmed information is available on the education of Victoria Losea. However, considering the family status of Victoria Losea, it seems like she could not gain a very good education in her life. As for her profession, Victoria Losea was a homemaker and took care of her family very well.

Reason for the popularity of Victoria Losea

Victoria Losea grabbed public attention for the first time when her 5-year-old daughter became a mother. This was an unbelievable thing in history and this is why not just her daughter but Victoria Losea along with her husband also gained a spot in the news headlines.

Net worth of Victoria Losea

Considering the fact that Victoria Losea was a homemaker, she obviously did not have any net worth. Her husband was also a silversmith by profession, so we expect that Victoria Losea could not enjoy a very luxurious and privileged life.


The daughter of Victoria Losea was a little child herself when she became a mother. It was Victoria Losea only who took care of the son of her daughter along with her. Although she was not professionally active, she did her job as a homemaker without fail.