Victor French Jr, Personal Life and Net Worth

Victor French Jr is a celebrity son, mainly known for being the son of American actor and director Victor Edwin French, who is dead today. His father was a prominent actor and accomplished massive success in his career. Coming to the point, today we are here to discover some interesting details about Victor French Jr.

So, read this article and find out the life details such as childhood, parents, siblings, net worth, education, work, and all other details of Victor French Jr.

 Personal life

 Since the parents of Victor French Jr were not very open about the personal life of Victor French Jr, there is nothing much available on his birth details. The only known thing is that he was born in 1960 to Victor French and his wife Judith Schenz. His birthplace and exact DOB are not known. The same goes for the love life of Victor French Jr too. With the fact that he is around 62 years old right now, he must be a married man if he had ever married. Victor French Jr has not revealed any details regarding this.

Parents and siblings

Victor French Jr is the eldest son of Victor French and his wife Judith Schenz. His parents were romantically involved in the late 1950s. Finally, they got married in 1959 and had three beautiful kids together. They remained together for 16 long years before getting divorced in 1975. The names of siblings of Victor French Jr are Kelly and Tracy, who were the twins of his parents. Speaking of the profession of his parents, you already know that his father was an eminent actor. On the other hand, the profession of Victor’s mother is not known.


Considering the age of Victor French Jr, there is definitely a chance of Victor French Jr having kids. However, no confirmed information has been revealed by Victor French Jr on this.

Education and profession

Like the personal life of Victor French Jr, his educational background is also a mystery to the public. However, one thing is sure Victor French Jr would have definitely gained his education from some prestigious school, as he is the son of a rich father. As far as the profession of Victor is concerned, he has not made anything public regarding this.

Reason for the popularity of Victor French Jr

Obviously, the main reason for the popularity of Victor French Jr is his actor father Victor French, who was a charismatic actor and had swept the people off with his acting. Though the father of Victor French Jr hardly used to speak about his family, Victor French Jr still got public attention for being his son.

Net worth of Victor French Jr

As we already said that the profession of Victor French Jr is not known, his net worth can’t be estimated either. Since he is the son of an actor father, he has always enjoyed a luxurious life. At the time of his death, his father had an estimated net worth of around 4 million. So, today obviously Victor French Jr is going to have a share of that money.


Victor French Jr was probably not interested in the film industry like his father and this is the reason that he did not pursue his career in the same. We hope he must be successful in whatever profession he would be.