Recalling Life of Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff

Russian-born dancer and actress Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff lived in Mexico. She is most known as the spouse of Mexican actor, comedian, and director Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, better known by his stage name Cantinflas. Cantinflas is regarded as the most accomplished comedian from Mexico and is regarded as a cultural icon in Spain and Latin America.

Let us now read about the personal life of Valentina in detail.

Relationship Status

Cantinflas, who joined Valentina Carpa in 1929, married Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff. They started dating each other and decided to live their entire lives together. On October 27, 1936, they tied their knots despite the objections of their parents.

Educational Details

After getting married, Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff stopped performing as a dancer. Regarding Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff’s educational background and achievements, unfortunately, nothing is available. About her academic background, she has not provided any proof.

Husband Details

Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes was the name of Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff’s husband. He was raised in Tepito, a rough area. His stage name was Cantinflas. He went on to become a comedian, actor, and director.

Children Details

Valentina and her husband Cantinflas legally adopted a boy because neither of them had children of their own. The son is thought to be Valentina’s husband Cantinflas’s biological child. He was born in 1961 to a different mother.

Since the adoptive child’s name was Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova, some references have incorrectly referred to him as “Cantinflas’ adopted son.” On May 15, 2017, Moreno Ivanova passed away, apparently from a heart attack.

Cause of Death

On January 5, 1966, in Mexico City, Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff passed away at the age of 50 due to bone cancer.  At the age of 81, her husband Cantinflas passed away on April 20, 1993. He passed away due to lung cancer in Mexico City.

Even though it was raining when Cantinflas’ cremation took place, still many people showed up on the actor’s demise. The three-day ceremony was a big national event. He was honoured by numerous heads of state and the US Senate, which observed a moment of silence in his honour.

Net Worth

Regarding Valentina’s net worth, we don’t have any information. However, we are informed about her husband’s wealth. Cantiflas explored a variety of professions before choosing theatre, including professional boxing and medicine. By 1930, he had joined the Mexican carpa, a travelling circus where he performed in a variety of roles as a dancer and an acrobat. It’s estimated that he has a net worth of $5 million.

Cantinflas’ Accomplishments as an Actor

He is regarded as a cultural icon throughout Latin America and Spain and is recognised as the most accomplished comedian from Mexico. He is idolised in all the Spanish-speaking nations of Latin America and Spain, and his humour, which is rich in Mexican linguistic characteristics of rhythm, vocabulary, and syntax, has given rise to a variety of terms, including cantinflear, cantinflada, cantinflesco, and cantinflero. He was once referred to as the greatest comedian ever by Charlie Chaplin.

Last Line

This is all we know about Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff’s personal and professional life. She did not disclose much about her life and career. However, her husband was a renowned actor and has got much fame.