Tyrone Keenan Power, Personal Life and Net Worth

Tyrone Keenan Power is a celebrity son, who prefers to keep himself away from the eyes of the media and the public. The popularity of his actor parents, Tyrone Power Jr. And DeLane Matthews, gives him unwanted public attention. Today, we will talk everything in detail about Tyrone Keenan Power.

So, dig into the details and find out the information about early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details about Tyrone Keenan Power.

Personal life

As we just said that Tyrone Keenan Power prefers a private life, nothing is available about his early life. From his date of birth to his birthplace, nothing is known to the public. The only known thing about his early life is the names of his parents and you already know that they are Tyrone Power Jr. And DeLane Matthews. The same goes for the personal life of Tyrone Keenan Power too, as he has not revealed any details regarding his love life.

Parents and siblings

Tyrone Keenan Power is the only son of his parents Tyrone Power Jr. And DeLane Matthews, who got married in 1995 and remained together till 2003. It is not known what is the reason that broke off their almost 20-years-long marriage. After this relationship, the father of Tyrone Keenan Power got married for the second time in 2007, while no information is available about the other romantic relationship of his mother. On the professional front, both of his parents are famous actors.

As for the siblings, Tyrone Keenan Power is the only son of his parents and does not have any siblings to play with.


With the fact that Tyrone Keenan Power has kept the details regarding his personal life under wraps, it is not known whether he has become a father yet or not

Education and profession

Like many other details, the educational and professional background of Tyrone Keenan Power is also secret. Tyrone Keenan Power has not made anything public regarding these things as well. However, we are pretty sure that Tyrone Keenan Power must be professionally well-established after getting a good education, as he belongs to a celebrity family.

Reason for the popularity of Tyrone Keenan Power

Well, the celebrity status of his parents is enough to make him popular despite the fact that he himself does not like publicity much.

Net worth of Tyrone Keenan Power

To know the net worth of Tyrone Keenan Power, we need to have information about his profession, which is a mystery. Given this fact, the net worth of Tyrone Keenan Power is not exactly known. However, in the future, he will definitely be a millionaire because his father holds a huge net worth of around 3 million right now and Tyrone Keenan Power will inherit this money from his father.


Not just the parents but the grandparents of Tyrone Keenan Power are also prominent personalities and big names in the entertainment industry. Despite this fact, Tyrone Keenan Power managed to lead a private life so beautifully. He is definitely a very private person.