Who is Trudy Carson Sales?

Trudy Carson Sales is an American actress known for Gypsy in My Soul, All That Jazz, and Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine. She was the wife of Soupy Sales, an American actor, comedian, and media personality. They married in 1980 after Soupy divorced his first wife, Barbara Fox, with whom he had two sons, Tony Sales and Hunt Sales.

Personal Life and Career

In her personal life, it is unclear if Trudy Carson was married and if she had any children before meeting Soupy Sales. It is also unclear if she remained single after the death of her husband, Soupy or if she remarried.

It is unclear when Trudy Carson started her career, but she featured as an actress and dancer in the projects she was involved. She also worked with Broadway, and some of her projects include I Had a Ball, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Follies, Skyscraper, and Leonard Sillman’s Faces of 1968.

Her Husband

Trudy Carson’s husband was best known for Lunch with Soupy Sales, a children’s television show with comedy sketches and gags; the show was later renamed The Soupy Sales Show.

Soupy Sales started his career in the entertainment industry soon after graduating from college. He started as a disk jockey and scriptwriter at a radio station before moving to Cincinnati, where he worked in nightclubs and on morning radio as a DJ. On television, he started with a teen dance program called Soupy’s Soda Shop and Club Nothing, a comedy program.

In the early 1950s, Trudy Carson’s husband started hosting the Lunch with Soupy Sales show, and he went to the lawns of Detroit Public Library to talk to students. Soupy Sales also hosted Soup’s On, a nighttime show whose guests were always musicians; the show helped sustain Jazz music. Some musicians who appeared in Soup’s On are Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Coleman Hawkins, and Charlie Parker.

On The New Soupy Sales Show, Trudy Carson’s husband partnered with Clyde Alder working as a puppeteer. Alder voiced all the puppets, and Frank Nastasi took over when he left. The puppets used in the show included White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie the Lion, and Hippy the Hippo.

Trudy Carson Sales’ husband was also a panelist on several game shows, including What’s My Line? as a regular panelist. Other game shows in which he appeared as a panelist include Match Game, The Gong Show, Hollywood Squares, and Pictionary. Sales was also a radio show host for a midday radio show on WNBC for two years.

As an actor, Trudy Carson’s husband has featured in several films and television shows, including The Two Little Bears, Birds Do It, Superman III, Angels with Angels, and Hennesey. He also appeared in The Real McCoys and This Is Going to Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You.

Trudy Carson’s Husband’s Death

Soupy Sales suffered from several illnesses in his last days of life. Trudy Carson’s husband’s manager and friend, Dave Usher, said that Soupy Sales had many health problems in his last week and was admitted to Calvary Hospice in Bronx, New York. He died on October 22, 2009, aged 83, in Calvary Hospice.