Timothy Gahan Brando

Timothy Gahan Brando – Personal Life and Family

Timothy Gahan Brando was born on January 6, 1994 in the United States. He is the youngest child of actor Marlon Brando and his mother Christina Maria Ruiz.

Marlon Brando, his father, was an American actor who was regarded as one of the century’s most important performers. Marlon Brando won numerous honors throughout the course of his six-decade career, including three British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and two Academy Awards. His kid has gained the interest of many people worldwide thanks to his success in the entertainment field.

Personal Life

Timothy Gahan Brando is one of the eleven children of actor Marlon Brando. He is 29 years old as of 2022 and  lives quite a secretive life. Unlike most celebrity family members, he is careful with social and mainstream media, not letting out his personal information online.

Timothy obviously grew up in a polygamous family as his father had other wives other than Timothy’s mother Christina. It’s not clear, however, how the family was set up.

His educational background, marital status as well as his career information has not been published on any trusted sources.

Timothy Gahan Brando’s parents

His mother, who served as a housekeeper for the actor, director, and activist Marlon Brando, was of Guatamalan descent. Timothy Gahan Brando’s father, Marlon Brando, was of American descent. Marlon Brando and Christina Maria Ruiz got together in 1988 and went on to have three kids. 14 years later, they split up.

Despite Marlon Brando giving her a Mercedes and a $400,000 house, Christina Maria Ruiz later sued him for $100 million in palimony in 2002. The matter was resolved a year later. Since Marlon Brando passed away in 2004, Christina Maria Ruiz has stayed out of the spotlight.

Timothy Gahan Brando’s siblings

The Brandos family is one celebrity families with most children. These are children from Marlon Brando’s  children from his marriage as well as his adopted kids.

Timothy Gahan Brando had two elder siblings; Ninna Priscilla Brando (born May 13, 1989) and Myles Jonathan Brando (born January 16, 1992).

His most notable step siblings are Christian Brando and Cheyenne Brando. Christian was the first wife’s son also the first child of Marlon Brando. He was known to be Timothy Brando’s dad’s favourite.

Cheyenne on the other hand, was Marlon Brando’s daughter whom he had with third wife Tarita Teriipaia, a former french fashion model. Christian and Cheyenne sadly passed in circumstances that made massive headlines across the news platforms.

His other siblings are: Simon Teihotu, Maimiti Brando, Miko Castaneda Brando, Lisa Brando, Rebecca Brando and  Raiatua Brando.

His father’s Net Worth

Timothy Gaham Brando’s father through his career amassed remarkable wealth. At death, his net worth was estimated at $23 million. His son, Timothy is yet to disclose his sources of income and wealth.

Bottling it Up

Timothy, unlike many figures from celebrity families has chosen to stay away from the media attention. As a result, most of his life is private and only known to his inner circle. We will update any information it is published on the public domain.