Visual Content Marketing Digital Strategies

The Relevance of Visual Content Marketing Digital Strategies

Several industries have struggled to get the right kind of target audience for their businesses because they depend on traditional marketing strategies.

With the revolution in technology, many of them have ventured into digital marketing strategies, which are not only purely based on text but more on visual content marketing. This strategy has been one of the most effective ways to get more leads, convert them into sales, and meet long-term organizational goals.

If you still haven’t indulged in this strategy, you must start right now. Your competitors are doing it, the best businesses are online, selling their products and services through visual content marketing, and it is high time you join the league too.

To guide you, we will discuss the relevance of visual content marketing and different campaigns you can initiate to enhance your brand presence.

Importance of Visual Content Marketing

Before we delve into the significance of visual content marketing, let us get into some facts.

get into some facts


  • The Social Science Research Network found that 65% of people learn visually and retain information better that is displayed in visual form.
  • Another study found that online viewers were 323% more likely to perform the action described when instructions in the text were accompanied by an image.
  • Visuals have the power to generate 94% more views and increase your chances by 50x to land on the first page of SERPs.
  • 87% of marketers say videos have increased traffic to their website
  • People retain 95% of the information when watching a video, compared to 10% of reading text. 

How Visual Content Marketing can help Your Business Grow

Increased Website Traffic

It has been predicted by 2022, 82% of all consumer online traffic will be video content.

So, why lag when grabbing the chance to enhance website traffic through videos and images?

Increase Engagement, Conversions, and Roi Through Visual Storytelling

The visual element is the quickest, safest, and most affordable way to attract more customers to your business. All you need to do is create effective visual content that lures your audience.

Make Your Brand Memorable

People depend on visuals to memorize brands, and it’s a critical technique to warm up and convert your audience.

The first thing that strikes your mind when you see an apple bitten from one end – is, of course, Apple Inc. This is the power of visuals.

Communicate Abundant Information More Effectively

Visuals can help market your products and services better, as you are spreading your brand message in a visible way which has a massive impact on their ability to act.

Visual content makes it easy to imagine every moment and explain things using relevant visual data. People are more likely to engage emotionally with your shop and complete purchases.

Omnichannel Reach

Visual content can be used in almost any area of online business promotion, including websites, paid advertising, blogs, email marketing strategies, social media, and campaigns.

Important Types of Visual Content That Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

There is no need to get into all kinds of visuals, but be selective and apply only the ones which have the highest ROIs associated with them.

You can update your visual content marketing strategy according to your business niche and audience preferences. All content should deliver significant value to your business and powerfully benefit your audience.

Let us look at the best visual marketing techniques you can use to grow your business.

An Image Is More Powerful than 1000 Words

Since the human attention span is decreasing day by day, you can stick to small paragraphs and compelling images to support the text and engage the audience in a better way.

Rather than copying images, it is recommended to maintain originality and come up with innovative ideas to lure your audience. This way, you can delve into personalized images related to your brand by using associated fonts and colors and sharing them on multiple image-sharing sites.

Build Lasting Relationships With Engaging Videos

There is no doubt about the power of video marketing, which is prevalent everywhere – social media channels, YouTube, websites, landing pages, email newsletters, and even blogs. People are spending approximately a billion hours of video watching on YouTube alone.

Additionally, businesses have claimed that video marketing has helped them enhance their brand awareness by 54%.

Videos effectively educate users about your product or convey a special message. Videos lead to a significant increase in sales, conversions, consumer trust, reliability, and search engine rankings.

You can, for example, convert images to videos or create bite-sized videos that have entertainment or educational value and post them on digital channels like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Videos resonate with your audience, are much better than text, and are an affordable investment to enhance consumer engagement.


Infographics help to dissect complicated information and communicate it in a more structured and visual way.

Let us take the example of explaining road instructions or a cooking recipe to someone. If the instructions have visual directions, images, and short videos, added to the text, it becomes a highly preferred communication medium for the general audience.

Infographics bring together all your core data and include images and graphics that can grab your reader’s attention. They can cover different topics based on user preferences, like expert advice, FAQs, informational and influential tips, motivational speeches, product features, and more.

Grammarly is a brand that posts some of the most engaging infographics that people love and share often. Humor and wit are combined with compelling imagery that Grammarly viewers cannot ignore.

Grammarly viewers cannot ignore



Invite your audience to participate in fun quizzes through visuals, and gift them some promotional offers, which gets you close to a win-win situation.

You lure more people to visit your digital channels, and you involve them in your business by promoting your products and services in the best possible manner.

Data Visualization

Math can be difficult to understand if displayed in sheer alphabets and numbers. Associate important data in the form of pie charts, graphics, tables, graphs, or charts, and make it easier for your audience to extract relevant insights, consider real-life scenarios, and digest actionable information.

This strategy can also be applied in business to represent relationships between large amounts of data and parts of the data. When understanding facts on Statista, for example, looking at the graphs makes it much easier to comprehend the data.

comprehend the data


Live Interactions

There’s something about going live that excites the audience. TV ads and live streaming have been popular modes of effective communication for centuries, and as a business, why not go live and interact with your audience face-to-face?

Moreover, the viewers are always inquisitive to know everything about your company, its leaders, employee, style of working, etc.

Livestreaming using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube helps you reach out to more people and give them a glimpse of what your business is doing. It also helps in percolating educational Q&A sessions, new product introductions, behind-the-scenes, and more.



Memes and Brand Quotes

It’s a trend. Memes are everywhere and garner maximum user attention. This is one of the most cost-effective visual content marketing strategies. All you need is an effective video editor and some fantastic meme templates to get going.

Quotes, GIFs, and memes have the power to provoke people’s emotions and make them laugh. Many luxury brands are starting to adopt it into their business.

Look at the GIFs posted by Coca-Cola. The brand provides audiences with entertaining and whimsical GIFs and infographics that are easy to relate to. The brand is committed to interactive content that engages its audience and reminds viewers which side they are on.

Slideshows and Presentations

Slideshows have their USP and are reliable visual content that is perfect for communicating with your audience.

Especially used for product launches or while posting webinars, this service allows businesses to introduce their brand to a large audience by uploading relevant and engaging content on this platform.

Last but not least – A Visual CTA

A powerful call to action will explain what the next plan of action is. Users may enjoy your video and love what you are offering, but if they don’t know how to contact you or where to go after watching the video, it all goes down the drain.

So, create a powerful CTA visual which is optimized, well-designed, and placed at key points of visit for your business.

visit for your business



You gain customers by using visual content across your digital marketing channels. Whether it is about posting a video, creating memes, investing your time and effort in slide shares, or just posting a reel on social media platforms, businesses have the benefit of attracting the right kind of attention from their target audience.

So, understand the paramount importance of visual content, use the abovementioned tips, and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds!