Tassos Rigopoulos, Personal Life and Net Worth

Tassos Rigopoulos is a popular film producer and director from Switzerland who is best known for his direction on the films Nike of Samothrace, Aftos den einai afti, Enas erodios gia tin Germania, and I Spend Time With Making: Lucas Samaras.

Today, let’s talk about Tassos Rigopoulos in detail covering his childhood, parents, education, work, net worth, love life, and all other details.

Personal life

Tassos Rigopoulos was born on 7th January 1967 in Geneva Switzerland. This is the only available information about the early life of Tassos Rigopoulos. Despite being a popular celebrity, Tassos Rigopoulos has not revealed much about himself and this is the reason that the names of his parents are not known. The same goes for the personal life of Tassos Rigopoulos too. Who is his love interest and whether he has married yet is not confirmed?

Parents and siblings

As we just said that the family life of Tassos Rigopoulos is secret to the public, there is no information available on his parents as well as siblings. Probably, Tassos Rigopoulos himself does not like to publicize his family background and this is why he never talks about these things.


With the fact that there is no information available on the love life of Tassos Rigopoulos, how can you say whether he has any kids or not? Considering his age, as he is 55 years old, we believe that he must have kids if he loves having a family. However, this thing has not been confirmed by Tassos Rigopoulos, himself.

Education and profession

Like the family background of Tassos Rigopoulos, his educational background is also not known to the public. However, we expect that Tassos Rigopoulos might not have accomplished a very high education because he stepped into his professional career very early. Today, he is a famous film director and producer from Switzerland.

Reason for the popularity of Tassos Rigopoulos

Of course, the one and only reason for the popularity of Tassos Rigopoulos is he, himself. Tassos Rigopoulos is a self-made star. He worked hard to achieve the popularity he is enjoying today. Tassos Rigopoulos hardly makes public appearances but it’s his work that gave him an identification in the world and made him popular among people.

Net worth of Tassos Rigopoulos

As you already know that Tassos Rigopoulos is a film producer and director, you can assume how much money he would have churned out in his career so far. Plus, he has also been active in the industry for decades. After considering this fact, it does not come as a surprise that Tassos Rigopoulos holds an estimated net worth of around 1-5 million right now. The source of his earnings is obviously his film career. His net worth might go up in the near future, as he is quite active right now in his profession.


Getting success through your own efforts is not a small thing in the glamour world but Tassos Rigopoulos has done it. We must say he has definitely been blessed with extraordinary talents and has the dedication to achieve goals and dreams.