Tasha Jacoby-Araujo, Personal Life and Net Worth

Tasha Jacoby-Araujo is a celebrity mother from America, best known because of her American rapper daughter, Mariahlynn. Tasha Jacoby-Araujo herself has a notorious life and she spent most of her life in jail. If you are already interested to find out more details about Tasha Jacoby-Araujo, read the article further and here you will get everything.

This article will cover the personal life details including early life, family, siblings, children, love life, education, profession, net worth, and other life details about Tasha Jacoby-Araujo.

Personal life

Since Tasha Jacoby-Araujo rose to popularity because of her daughter, there is no information available about her early life. Neither her exact date of birth nor the names of her parents, nothing is known. As for the love life of Tasha Jacoby-Araujo, she was married to Raphael Araujo. This is the only information available about her married life. How long they remained together and whether they are still together is not confirmed. According to some sources, Tasha Jacoby-Araujo was married two times in her life.

Parents and siblings

As we already said that the early life of Tasha Jacoby-Araujo is a mystery, nothing is available about her parents as well as siblings. The celebrity daughter of Tasha Jacoby-Araujo also never bothered to talk about her grandparents.


How many kids Tasha Jacoby-Araujo exactly have is not confirmed actually, but there is information available about three kids of hers and their names are Icelynn Jacoby, Victoria Ramos, and Mariahlynn. Among all her daughters, Mariahlynn is a popular celebrity and has gained huge professional success. Besides her, no information is available about the other kids of Tasha Jacoby-Araujo

Education and profession

Well, the educational background of Tasha Jacoby-Araujo is a mystery only. However, we don’t think Tasha Jacoby-Araujo is a very educated lady because her entire life went into conducting illegal acts and spending his life in prison. Given this fact, it does not seem like she has a good profession either.

Reason for the popularity of Tasha Jacoby-Araujo

Tasha Jacoby-Araujo got a little bit of fame because of her famous daughter, Mariahlynn, who is a self-made star and achieved huge success through her own efforts. However, her daughter apparently never talks about Tasha Jacoby-Araujo publicly. Yet, she got public attention because of being her mother.

Net worth of Tasha Jacoby-Araujo

With the fact that Tasha Jacoby-Araujo is not active in any prestigious profession, we expect that she might not have a huge amount of money in her life. However, she got to enjoy luxuriousness in the later part of our life because of her daughter, Mariahlynn, who holds a staggering net worth of around 1 million right now. The gorgeous lady has churned out all this money through her music career.


The life of Tasha Jacoby-Araujo has not been smooth. All through her life, she did illegal acts and wasted most of her life in jail. Today, she is an old woman and we hope that she will be living a peaceful life with her family.