Susie Marie Isabel Hansen, Age, Career, Children, and Bio

Susie Marie Isabel Hansen is the daughter of the late Charles Hansen, the founder, and CEO of Chas H.  Hansen Music Group. The music publishing company was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but sadly after Charles Hansen died in 995, the company’s popularity went down.

Susie Hansen had one sister, Kathleen Florence Hansen, who died in 2009. Susie came into the limelight because of her relationship with Mike Jeffries. Although the couple lived together for several years, Jeffries was attracted to men, which finally made the duo divorce despite having a son together.

Susie Marie Hansen’s Age

Susie Marie Hansen was born on April 9, 1948. Since she was born into a stable family, she was educated at Carrolton Convent of the Sacred Heart and joined Finch and Marymount college.

She wanted the best education, which encouraged her to proceed to Boston University where she graduated. Susie Marie had a director of public relations career in a company in New York.

Although it is unclear if she is active in unemployment currently, it seems she retired since she is over seventy years as of 2022.

Susie Marie Isabel Hansen’s Children

Susie Marie is a proud mother of one child. Susie had his son with Mike Jeffries when they married in 1971. The exact birth date of Andrew Jeffries, Susie’s son, is unknown, but it must be around the 1970s, when they married.

Susie’s son is a grown-up and married man now. He married Annabel Kelly in 2013, and they went to Paris for their honeymoon. Reports indicate that Susie’s son resides in New York and Fisher Island, where he is a professional in Hospitality.

Susie’s son has previously held prestigious jobs like his father, though he has yet to rise to a CEO like his father. He currently works as director of sales and marketing at The Mark and previously worked at Maybourne Hotel Group for eight years.

Why is Susie Marie Isabel Hansen Famous?

Susie Marie came into the limelight because of her relationship with her ex-husband Jeffries. Mike Jeffries started his career in his early marriage, and Susie was by his side. After working for a few years, he rose through the ranks, and by 1996, he was the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch.

The company was among the elite companies at the time, and Mike transformed it into an untouchable brand that gave many celebrities a platform for their entry into fame.

Because of the good job done by Mike Jeffries, he became famous, and so did his wife, Susie. Unfortunately, Susie and Mike divorced in 2006 after Jeffries announced being gay.

Jeffries married Matthew Smith after divorcing Susie Marie, and they have been together since marriage. The divorce news about Jeffries being gay brought Susie into the limelight, but she has maintained a low profile since the divorce.

It is unclear if Susie married later after the divorce, but her ex-husband has been with Matthew Smith.