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Stanley Stocker – Edwards Career, Family, & More

Patti LaBelle is an icon for many people and she adopted, Stanley Stocker-Edwards when she was still married to her first husband.


Stanley Stocker-Edwards, now 59, started his legal practice in the judiciary. Stanley stayed at the District of Columbia bar for several years. He pursued his studies at Harvard Law University. Patti adopted Stanley out of love when she was married to her first husband.


Patti Labelle is the mother of Stanley Stocker- Edwards. She is a star with evergreen talent as at the age of 76 she still won the Grammy award. Ever since Patti first released her hit single “Down the Aisle” in 1963, she has been loved by many. She became the mother of five children, in July 1973 she had her first son with Armstead, Zuri Kye Edwards and after that, she adopted two children Stanley Stocker-Edwards and Dodd Stocker-Edwards. After her sister, Jacqueline Holte’s death she adopted her sister’s son and daughter, Stayce Holte and William Holte that’s how they became a family of five.

In 2015, her media personality James Wright of her Chanel filmed a video praising her “Patty Pie.” The video then went viral, and the label found a whole new revenue stream as stores from Walmart to Omaha Steaks began stocking up on the legendary product.

Zuri kye Edwards, Patti’s biological son is now 48 and has a profession as a talent manager, he got married to Rona Edward who is an Italian Native. They together had three children, Gia, Leyla and Zuri Jr.

Dodd Stocker Edwards is currently working as a coach. After gaining virtual experience he also became the Chief Marketing Officer at Dam Good Bodies.

Patti’s second son, 60-year-old William Holte, works for Patonium Corporation as one of his assistants.

Patti’s only daughter Stace Holte was loved and adored by the whole family, but now, at age 57, she is an outspoken advocate for feminism and LGBTQ+ rights. She also owns an organization created to better bond people from different backgrounds, namely Stacey Holte Love Conglomerate Inc.

Personal life

Peter Slevin, in the first lady’s official biography, said that Michelle Obama (when she was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson) dated Stanley Stocker Edwards when she was a law student at Harvard. clarified. However, Mrs Obama revealed that “nothing lasted” for her, heavily implying that “nobody could handle her” until Barack Obama showed up.

Nonetheless, there are no feelings between the First Lady and Stocker her Edwards. Currently, Stanley Stocker Edwards is an attorney at his Covington and Burling LLP in Washington, D.C.


Stanley Stocker-Edwards is the adopted son of the icon Patti Labelle and currently started his legal practice in the judiciary after staying at the District of Columbia Bar for several years.