Sonja Mcphee

Sonja Mcphee: Sianoa and Kodi Smit-McPhee’s Mom

McPhee is a household name that many people in Australia are already familiar with. This is thanks to Sianoa and Kodi Smit-McPhee as well as their father, Andy McPhee, who through their careers have earned popularity to the McPhee family.This explains why people want to know the little-known about mother, Sonja McPhee.

In this article, we will shade some light on the behind the scene cheerleader of the McPhee family, Sonja McPhee.

Who Really is Sonja McPhee

As we have established, Sonja McPhee is the mother to Sianoa Smit-McPhee and Kodi Smit-McPhee. She is the wife to one of the most celebrated legendary Australian actor Andrew McPhee, better known as Andy McPhee.

The fact that she comes from a celebrity family is the reason that many people are curious and want to know her more than just being a celebrity family member. However, Sonja is one of those celebrity family members that despite the family fame, have chosen to keep a lot about their lives private and  away from media attention.

Her background, early years, education, parents, and siblings are all unknown to the general public. However, it is known is that she once worked as a nurse.

Shonja McPhee’s Married Life

Sonja has been married to Andy McPhee since 1992. The exact date of their marriage has not been published in the public domain, but some sources have stated that they tied the knot before february of 1992.

Sonja and Andy McPhee welcomed three children into their happy marriage: Sianoa Smit-McPhee, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Caden Smit-McPhee.

There are also claims that her husband has children with other women but nothing much has been published abot them.

Who is Sonja McPhee’s husband and why is he famous?

Andy McPhee is 6 foot 6” hunk born in 1927 in Adelaide, a major center in South Australia, Australia. He is an actor, producer and a former wrestler. Perhaps Andy McPhee acuired most of his popularity fromhis roles in popular movies; Sons of Anarchy, 2067, High Ground, Neighbour, Pirate Islands, and Home and Away.

Sonja McPhee’s Children

Sonja has three children; Sianoa, Kodi, and Caden Smit-McPhee. Sianoa and Kodi are as famous as their dad thanks to their careers. Caden Smit-McPhee, on the other hand, seems to enjoy a secretive life just like Sonja herself.

Sianoa is the eldest, and is famous for being an Actress, Singer, and Songwriter. Her most notable work include her roles in the films Touchback, Mall, Fallen and All Cheerleaders Die.

Kodi Smit-McPhee on the other hand, is an award winning actor. He has featured in the movies; The Congress, ParaNorman, Dead Europe and Dawn of the Planet of The Apes.

Sonja McPhee’s Net Worth

Sonja McPhee worked as a nurse and made fortune from it. However, the exact figures are unavailable for the public. Her closest family members have had successful careers with her husband’s net worth estimated at $9 million. Her daughter, Sianoa is valued at a net $8 million and son, Kodi valued at a net of $5 million.

Wrap Up

Sonja McPhee resorted to a laid-back lifestyle despite all the attention she earns from her family’s fame. According to her son Kodi Smit, she is a loving mother, a behind-the-scenes cheerleader and enjoys her motherly duties.