Skyla Brar Kelley, Personal Life and Net Worth

Skyla Brar Kelley is a young and beautiful celebrity kid from America, best known for being the daughter of two worldwide famous sports personalities, Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Kelley. Her parents need no description, so today let’s talk about Skyla Brar Kelley herself.

Here, we are going to disclose the mind-blowing details about early life, family, parents, siblings, education, work, love life, net worth, and other details about Skyla Brar Kelley.

Personal life

The daughter of Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Kelley was born in 2000 in Houston, Texas, United States. She had a wonderful and blissful childhood along with her siblings. As for the love life of Skyla Brar Kelley, we hope that she would have a smooth love life as well. However, Skyla Brar Kelley has not opened her lips regarding this.

Parents and siblings

Skyla Brar Kelley is one of four kids of Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Kelley. Her parents had a sweet love story that converted into a marriage but, finally, culminated in a divorce. Her parents were college-time sweethearts and they got married in 1990 when neither of them was famous. They lived together for the next 28 years and enjoyed the parenthood of 4 kids. Unfortunately, in 2018, the couple decided to part ways. The names of the siblings of Skyla Brar Kelley are Shayla Rae Kelley, Emma Jean Kelley, and McKenna Lane Kelley.

Speaking of the profession of her parents, her father is a retired American footballer and her mother is a former American Olympic gold medalist gymnast.


Well, there is nothing available on the personal love life of Skyla Brar Kelley, so we can’t say anything confirmed regarding this. However, we hope that Skyla Brar Kelley would not have any kids at such a young age.

Education and profession

Like the personal life of Skyla Brar Kelley, her educational background is also not known to the public. Since she is already 22, we are pretty sure that she must have been done with her graduation. Right now, she might be either focusing on her higher studies or her career. There is nothing available about the professional career of Skyla Brar Kelley though.

Reason for the popularity of Skyla Brar Kelley

Being the daughter of two such great personalities is a reason in itself to become popular. The mother of Skyla Brar Kelley often talks about her daughters including Skyla Brar Kelley and this is what puts them in the headlines.

Net worth of Skyla Brar Kelley

With the fact that the profession of Skyla Brar Kelley is still a mystery to us, we can’t really estimate her net worth. Being the daughter of rich parents, who have an estimated net worth of around 8 million today, Skyla Brar Kelley has been definitely enjoying luxuriousness since her childhood.


Some sisters of Skyla Brar Kelley have followed in the footprints of their mother and launched their careers in gymnastics. However, Skyla Brar Kelley does not seem to be interested in that. Let’s see what profession she chooses for herself.