SINP Canada- Things To Know

You can use the SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) route if you plan to immigrate to Canada. The program offers immigrants unique ways to enter Canada and achieve permanent residency. You can apply from your country. Foreigners living in Canada can also apply through SINP. Here’s everything you should know about the program and how to use it to immigrate to Canada:

What Is SINP?

The SINP program offers entry into Canada through four program categories: International Skilled Worker, Saskatchewan Experience, Entrepreneur, and Farm. The International Skilled Worker program is for skilled workers planning to work and live in Saskatchewan.

Foreign nationals who have been living in Saskatchewan can use the Saskatchewan Experience route. The entrepreneur program is for immigrants planning to start a business, and the farm program is for purchasing and operating a farm in Saskatchewan. Entrepreneur and farm programs are only available for immigrants looking to live or start a business in Saskatchewan.

How Do I Apply?

The application process is administered through an online application system. You can complete the application online and wait for approval. Through the program, Saskatchewan invites residency applications from non-Canadian citizens. The province also nominates successful applicants for permanent residency.

Approved nominees must also apply for residency through the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). The application may require a language assessment if you’re not a native English or French speaker. You’ll be required to provide applicable language test results based on the industry you work in.

What Are The Benefits?

The government of Saskatchewan offers non-Canadians an opportunity to work and live in Saskatchewan. Through the four programs, applicants can gain entry to Canada and work on becoming permanent residents. The programs offer fast application processing times and help from provincial immigration officers. You can receive help and answers to your questions.

The provincial government decides who is nominated from the applications. Candidates who successfully apply for permanent resident status with the IRCC officially become nominees. Make sure you complete an accurate application and provide legitimate documentation. You must also meet the program’s criteria.

How Fast Are Applications Processed?

The Saskatchewan government updates the application processing time every three months. Average processing time measures how long it takes to process an application within the quota. The processing times are different for each category (skilled worker, experience, entrepreneur & farm) and only include 80% of the applications. The fastest 10% and slowest 10% are excluded.

Depending on the category and quota, application processing times can vary from 2–32 weeks. Some applications, like the Saskatchewan Experience category, only require a week to process, while others can take several months. Entrepreneur and Farm applications are also processed faster than International Skilled Worker applications.

Who Is/Isn’t Eligible?

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program is open to all eligible foreign citizens looking to make Saskatchewan their home. You can apply as a skilled worker, an experienced foreigner living in Saskatchewan, or an investor looking to start a business. Here are some conditions that may make you ineligible to apply through the program:

  • Claiming refugee status
  • Living illegally in Canada
  • Have a removal order from IRCC or Canadian Border Services Agency
  • Are prohibited from entering Canada
  • Don’t meet IRCC’s health and criminality requirements
  • Have unresolved custody/child support disputes
  • Are untruthful in the application
  • Can’t prove your intent to work and live in Saskatchewan

What’s Next After Application?

There’s little to do once you submit your application. You can wait out the processing time for the recommendation and final decision. The government will review applications and make one of three decisions; approved, ineligible, or misrepresentation. Approved applicants will receive information for the next steps, including applying to the IRCC, within six months of nomination.

Ineligible applicants will get a notification of the verdict. Misrepresented applicants will wait for investigations to determine their decision. If your application isn’t complete, you’ll receive a notification advising you to submit a new application. The commission may request other documentation and have timelines within which you must provide them.

Working With an Immigration Consultant

Working with a reputable Canadian immigration and education consulting firm may help you expedite the application process. Choose consulting firms that specialize in SINP applications in your country. You should also stick to experienced firms with a solid reputation and verifiable references.