Sierra Loretta Irvine, Personal Life and Net Worth

Sierra Loretta Irvine is a young teenage celebrity kid, who is right now enjoying a fair amount of popularity under the shadow of her father, Chris Jericho, a former American-Canadian professional wrestler. Today, we will tell you everything about Sierra Loretta Irvine.

So, read the article and find out details regarding her early life, family, siblings, education, work, love life, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Sierra Loretta Irvine was born on 18th July 2006 to  Chris Jericho and Jessica Lockhart. The exact birthplace, as well as the nationality of Sierra Loretta Irvine, is not known. If we talk about her love life, it is a mystery as well. With the fact that Sierra Loretta Irvine is 16 years old today, we assume that she might be in a romantic relationship. She is just not making it public.

Parents and siblings

Sierra Loretta Irvine is one of the twin daughters of Chris Jericho and Jessica Lockhart. Her parents are said to be school-time sweethearts and they got married in 2000. 3 years after their marriage in 2003, they welcomed their first child, and then Sierra Loretta Irvine was born. The name of the elder brother of Sierra Loretta Irvine is Ash Edward Irvine, while her twin sister is Cheyenne Lee Irvine. Sierra Loretta Irvine shares a good bond with her siblings.

As for the profession of her parents, her father was a professional wrestler, who played for America. As for the mother of Sierra Loretta Irvine, her profession is not known. She is probably a homemaker.


Sierra Loretta Irvine herself is just a young teenager right now. Given the fact, she does not have any kids as of now.

Education and profession

The parents of Sierra Loretta Irvine are not much open regarding the personal lives of their kids. Owing to this fact, nothing is available about the education of Sierra Loretta Irvine. Since she is 16 years old today, we assume that she must be in higher secondary classes and would start college in the coming 1-2 years. Since Sierra Loretta Irvine is a full-time student today, she has not started her professional journey yet.

Reason for the popularity of Sierra Loretta Irvine

Of course, it’s the father of Sierra Loretta Irvine, who makes her popular at such a young age. Her father, Chris Jericho, has achieved worldwide fame and this is the reason that his kids are enjoying his stardom as well.

Net worth of Sierra Loretta Irvine

Well, Sierra Loretta Irvine does not have any net worth as of now. The reason for that is she is just a student today and is not professionally active. Nevertheless, she is enjoying an opulent life that is not possible for general people. All thanks to her father, Chris Jericho, who has amassed a total net worth of around 18 million.


Today, Sierra Loretta Irvine is at a young age. We hope that one day she will also do something big in her career and make her name in the world like her father.