Shari Hays Wells, Personal Life and Net Worth

Shari Hays Wells is a famous celebrity daughter who is mainly known for being the daughter of the American actress Kathryn Hays. Shari Hays Wells herself is an actress but she could not achieve as much success as her mother. There is already a lot available about the mother of Shari Hays Wells, so today let’s divulge some interesting information about Shari Hays Wells herself.

Read the article further to unfold the details regarding early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, children, and other details of Shari Hays Wells.

Personal life

Even though Shari Hays Wells is the daughter of an actress, her life is not much open to the public. The only known thing about her early life is that she is an American and the daughter of Kathryn Hays. Not even the name of her father is confirmed. According to some sources, she was born during the first marriage of her mother that was with Sidney Steinberg. So, supposedly, the name of her father is Sidney Steinberg.

Speaking of the personal life of Shari Hays Wells, the same goes for this as well. The only confirmed detail about her personal life is that today she is a married lady. The name of Shari’s husband is not known though.

Parents and siblings

Shari Hays Wells is the only daughter of American actress Kathryn Hays. Probably the name of her father is Sidney Steinberg. Her parents got married in 1957 but their marriage could not last long and they ended up in divorce soon after. Speaking of their professional front, you already know that her mother was a successful American actress, while the profession of her father is not known. As for her siblings, Shari is the only child of her parents.


To be honest, it is not known how many kids Shari Hays Wells has but she certainly has one daughter, who is an emerging model today and her name is Kathryn Wells.

Education and profession

With the fact that Shari Hays Wells is a daughter of rich parents, it is pretty obvious that she must have completed her education at some renowned and prestigious institute. Since there is no information available on her education, we can’t really say anything to confirm this. Coming to her profession, the gorgeous lady is an actress by profession.

Reason for the popularity of Shari Hays Wells

The whole reason for the popularity of Shari Hays Wells is her mother who has accomplished huge success in her career. The mother of Shari Hays Wells died recently, so this also gave Shari Hays Wells a leap in her popularity.

Net worth of Shari Hays Wells

Let us tell you without beating around the bush that the confirmed net worth of Shari Hays Wells is not known. Nevertheless, she is an owner of a huge amount of money right now because she inherited around 43 million money from her mother,

who had such a whopping net worth at the time of her death.


Shari Hays Wells is the daughter of a notable actress and the mother of an emerging model. She herself is an actress too. Given the fact, Shari Hays Wells is enjoying every bit of the glamour world.