Serge Boissevain, Personal Life and Net Worth

The person we are going to talk about today has already died but is still popular because of his father, Gideon Boissevain, who was in Dutch diplomat during the late 90s. Yes, We are talking about Serge Boissevain.

Read the article further to find out all information about Serge Boissevain such as his early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and many other such details

Personal life

Serge Boissevain was born on 10th July 1947 in Neuilly, France to Maria Solovieff and Gideon Boissevain. His mother was Russian while his father was Dutch. As for Serge Boissevain, there is no information available about his nationality.

If you talk about his personal life, Serge Boissevain was married two times in his lifetime. His first marriage with Chantal Marie Girault Boissevain did not last long and they ended up with a divorce in just a few years.

After that, he got married again in 1949 to Henriette Luisa Maria Bentinck Boissevain, who remained together with him till her death in 2010. Just a few months after the death of his wife, Serge Boissevain also left the world on 3rd January 2011.

Parents and siblings

Serge Boissevain was the youngest of two sons of his parents, Maria Solovieff and Gideon Boissevain. The elder brother of Serge Boissevain is Willem Geoffrey Boissevain and he was born in 1927. Besides that, there is not much information available on the personal lives of his parents as well as siblings. If you talk about their professions, his father was a Dutch diplomat while the profession of his mother has not been disclosed.


Serge Boissevain had one daughter with each of his marriages. Given the fact, he has two daughters and their names are Katia Boissevain and Ambre Boissevain. Today, Katia Boissevain is a famous author. On the other hand, nothing is available about Ambre Boissevain.

Education and profession

Well, you will hardly get any confirmed information in this section because Serge Boissevain never disclosed any details regarding his education as well as profession. However, we hope that he must have received a good education and was working in some reputed profession because he hailed from a prestigious and wealthy family.

Reason for the popularity of Serge Boissevain

The first reason for the popularity of Serge Boissevain is his father, Gideon Boissevain, who was quite popular in the world. Besides him, the daughter of Serge Boissevain, Katia Boissevain, is also making her father proud today.

Net worth of Serge Boissevain

Since the profession of Serge Boissevain is a mystery, there can’t be estimated anything regarding his net worth either. With the fact that Serge Boissevain is said to belong to a wealthy family, we assume that he must have earned huge money and enjoyed a luxurious life.


Serge Boissevain left the world a little sooner. At the time of his death, he was only 63. He would have felt really proud today of her daughter, Katia Boissevain, who is a successful author, if he was alive.