Seini Henry, Personal Life and Net Worth

Seini Henry is a celebrity daughter, who is mainly famous because of her footballer father. The name of her father is Chris Henry, who has earned huge name and fame before leaving the world at a very young age.

Here, we will tell you all details about Seini Henry including her early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and all other details.

Personal life

Since the parents of Seini Henry were not very open about her personal life, there is no information available about her date of birth and birth place. The only known thing about his family background is the names of her parents that are Chris Henry and Loleini Tonga. However, we believe Seini Henry to be around 16 years old right now because she was around 3 years old when her father died in 2009. Considering the age of Seini Henry, we can expect that she might be linked with someone romantically. However, the young lady has not gone public with her relationship.

Parents and siblings

Seini Henry is the darling daughter of American footballer Chris Henry and his fiance Loleini. Her parents could never get married. Before they could marry, the father of Seini Henry left the world in 2009. However, the relationship between her parents was not going smoothly at that time. If you talk about their profession, we have already told you that the father of Seini Henry was a footballer. On the other hand, nothing much is available about the profession of her mother.

Speaking of the siblings of Seini Henry, she has  2 brothers/sisters and their names are Chris Henry Jr and DeMarcus However, It is not confirmed whether they are her siblings or stepsiblings.


With the fact that Seini Henry is around 16 years old right now, she is obviously too young to have kids. Given the fact, she probably does not have any kids as of now.

Education and profession

The mother of Seini Henry made sure not to disclose details to the public regarding the personal life of Seini Henry. This is why the education of Seini Henry is not known. Since she is 16 years old, she must be in her secondary classes. As far as the profession of Seini Henry is concerned, she is probably not active in any profession right now.

Reason for the popularity of Seini Henry

Obviously, it’s the footballer father of Seini Henry who made her popular. Because of her father, she has always remained in the headlines since her childhood.

Net worth of Seini Henry

As we have already said that Seini Henry is not professionally active and focusing on her studies right now, she does not have any net wortg. Nevertheless, the young lady is fortunate enough to enjoy a good life because her father has left a huge net worth of around 5 million behind.


Seini Henry is a fortunate as well as an unfortunate kid. She is fortunate because she was a celebrity kid and she is unfortunate because she could not enjoy the love of her father since her childhood.