School and University Offices That Should Utilize UV Disinfectant Light

Harmful pathogens are commonly found on surfaces around homes and offices, so you need to disinfect them regularly. The attention to disinfection has significantly risen among many people after the COVID-19 pandemic. Institutions are investing in more effective disinfection techniques like UV light sanitizer for school facilities.

Schools and universities are high-traffic institutions that can benefit from using UV disinfection. UV-C disinfectants alter the DNA of harmful pathogens, destroying their ability to replicate and rendering them inactive. By investing in UV disinfection, schools can help keep students, teachers, subordinate staff, and visitors safe. Here are some spaces where schools and university offices can utilize UV disinfection light.

Administration Offices

The administration building often has multiple offices for top-ranking officials within the schools. Due to the principal’s and other officials’ numerous duties, this building experiences high foot traffic daily. This can increase the chances for germ buildup and transfer within the offices and school at large. Installing UV-C disinfection in administration offices can help reduce unnecessary illnesses within the school.

Automated UV-C lights can help clean spaces during the periods they are unoccupied. Continuous disinfection can help manage the population that comes into contact with harmful pathogens.

Athletic Facilities

Many universities have a sports department to help nurture learners’ extracurricular activities. Since some of the activities are contact sports, there is a high chance of germ transfer. Pathogens can flourish inside athletic facilities like sports complexes, locker rooms, equipment stores, and department offices. Disinfecting such spaces regularly can help kill illness-causing germs.

UV-C light for your sports facility can help keep surfaces like desks, trophy cabinets, and machines germ-free. You enjoy automatic disinfection for ultimate protection against pathogens. This will help keep infection rates low, allowing students to enjoy sports activities.

Cleaning Offices and Storage

While UV light can disinfect spaces, many schools still maintain a physical cleaning crew to handle physical cleaning. Cleaning staff often have offices to store their equipment and maintain necessary documentation. After a cleaning session, the supplies might have come into contact with germs which they often carry back to the storage closet. This makes the cleaning offices a pathogen hotbed, so it needs constant disinfecting.

UV light disinfecting units are the perfect addition to cleaning offices to eliminate all harmful pathogens. These units eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful pathogens, effectively dealing with all pathogen types. UV-C light destroys germs on surfaces, air, and water, preventing their spread all over campus. Cleaning storage areas may also double as break rooms, so UV disinfection can help minimize the risk of germ spreading in shared spaces.

School Nurse’s Office

School clinics, like most medical facilities, are a hotbed for germs. This gets worse since the clinics are a high-traffic area which increases the risk of cross-contamination. Disinfecting the nurse’s office and cleaning regularly can help limit germ transfer and cross-infections.

UV light products can help keep the school clinic and the nurse’s office germ-free. These units disinfect the clinic round the clock between the student’s in-and-out cycle.


Laboratories are common in schools to help students conduct chemistry and physics experiments. Since laboratories rely on both shared equipment and potentially dangerous substances. Germ transfer can increase significantly if such equipment and surfaces are not disinfected regularly.

Adding UV disinfection to your laboratories and offices can help avoid germ transfer. UV light kills pathogens on beakers and laboratory benches to safeguard learners against harmful pathogens.

Security Offices

Security personnel oversee the constant movement in and out of schools, which involves interaction with people and belongings to maintain safety. Due to the continuous traffic, security personnel come into contact with numerous bacteria and viruses. Security offices pose some risk of germ transfer, so they need regular disinfecting to keep the space healthy.

Installing UV lights in security offices is one way to take care of your security personnel. Since UV light works quickly through, UV disinfection can help prevent germ transfer, even on high-touch surfaces.

Invest in UV Light Sanitizer for School Facilities

Schools and universities are high-traffic institutions, so they often grapple with the risk of germ transfer. Surface disinfection can help minimize the risk of germ spread in commonly shared spaces like offices and laboratories. Install a UV light sanitizer for school offices and workstations to keep everyone on campus safe.