Glamorous Life of Savanna Ala Ponce Elaborated

In 2002, when Carlos Ponce and his ex-wife, Verónica Rubio, flew to that nation and met the twin girls when they were just 10 months old, they fell in love with them and decided to adopt them. The girls’ names are Sienna Natasha and Savannah Ala. Even though the couple split when they were 8 years old, they stay a family forever. They entered their lives at the age of one and quickly acclimated to their other siblings.

Early Life

Savanna Ala Ponce turns 20 this year along with her twin Sienna, she is the beautiful daughter of rich celebs Carlos Ponce and Verónica Rubio. She has two other siblings besides her sister, they are Sebastian Joel Ponce and Giancarlo Ponce. The love and affection that the twins, Savanna, and her sister receive from their parents are very easily visible in the pictures found on their Instagram handles. Savanna and her twin Sienna are of Russian origin.


Savanna is blessed with a glamorous and amazing family that puts her into quite a bit of the spotlight but her fame mainly comes from her parents Carlos Ponce and Verónica Rubio. Savanna’s father Carlos Ponce is a television personality, musician, model, and actor from Puerto Rico. Ponce made his acting debut on Televisa and Telemundo soap operas in the Spanish language. Her Father Carlos Ponce participated in numerous American television series as he worked to advance his acting career. He did not restrict himself to a television-only profession.

He is also a singer and works as a character actor in the American film industry, popular for his characters Salvadore in Couples Retreat, Matthew Wright in Spy, and Rodrigo in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. Her father wed photographer Verónica Rubio, his high school love. With their four children, Giancarlo (born in 1999), Sebastián (born in 2001), and the identical twin Savannah and Sienna, they lived in Miami, Florida (born in 2002).

Savanna’s mother is the gorgeous photographer Verónica Rubio, her father’s high school sweetheart and sister of the current U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.  Veronica Rubio is an American citizen and a member of the British race. She is also descended from Puerto Rican descent. Savanna’s mother, Verónica, has a tall appearance with a thin body frame, along with blonde hair, she has stunning blue eyes. Savanna’s parents have been dating since their high school days, and on October 25, 1996, they got married. Sadly, the couple split up in 2010 after spending more than 15 years together. According to rumors, Carlos’ adulterous relationship with the actress Roselyn Sanchez in 2004 was the cause. However, the couple said that everything went off without a hitch and that everything was resolved amicably with mutual understanding.

Savanna’s twin sister Sienna has seldom appeared on social media, but she is known as a photographer like her sister. It was mentioned in an article some time ago, that she was depressed, the whole revelation was made by her father, but everything seems to be on a good note now hopefully.


Savanna and her sister both take after their mom Verónica, and are quite accomplished in photography. She has her website, where she mentions her life in her blogs and one can also enjoy her brilliant photography skills as well as hire her.

Net worth

Her profession is unknown; therefore, it’s unpredictable how she makes money. Her father’s estimated net worth is $8 million, and her mother’s estimated net worth ranges from $500k to $1 million. So, combined, it could be considered her net worth although it should be divided among her other siblings.

A Promising Talent

Savanna’s website, where she shares the pictures she clicks, portfolios, and her thoughts and poems are worth a visit. She is surely a promising talent and not just through her parents’ influence or anything but through her skillset which is glaringly visible through her work.