Sarah Lai Wah Green, Personal Life and Net Worth

Sarah Lai Wah Green is a celebrity wife, who always remains in the spotlight of the media because of her famous multi-talented husband, Lio Rush, who is a famous American professional wrestler as well as a sensational musician. The gorgeous beauty of Sarah Lai Wah Green never fails to catch public attention.

Today, we will tell you everything about Sarah Lai Wah Green starting from her early life to family, siblings to parents, education to profession, love life to children, earnings to net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

With the fact that Sarah Lai Wah Green is mainly known because of her celebrity husband, nothing is known about her early life. From the names of her parents to her exact birthdate & birthplace, nothing is known.

So, let’s talk about her love life which is the main reason for her popularity. The exotic lady found her love in American wrestler Lio Rush. After being in a relationship for a couple of years, they made their relationship official in 2018 when they got hitched. Since then, the couple has been together and enjoying their beautiful life loaded with love and happiness.

Parents and siblings

Well, there is not at all any information available on the family background of Sarah Lai Wah Green. This is the reason that you will get nothing about her parents as well as siblings.


Sarah Lai Wah Green has been married for 4 years and she is already the proud mother of three kids whom she had with her husband Lio Rush. The names of Sarah Lai Wah Green’s kids are not known though.

Education and profession

Like the family background, the educational background of Sarah Lai Wah Green is also a mystery. However, we do believe that Sarah Lai Wah Green is an educated lady because she is an entrepreneur by profession and owns a business. According to some sources, she sells hand-rolled incense apart from her other business endeavors.

Reason for the popularity of Sarah Lai Wah Green

Well, you already know what is the reason for the popularity of Sarah Lai Wah Green. Yes, it’s her wrestler and musician husband Lio Rush.

Net worth of Sarah Lai Wah Green

It won’t be wrong to say that Sarah Lai Wah Green would be a millionaire today because she is a businesswoman and achieved professional success too. Since Sarah Lai Wah Green has not revealed the exact numbers of her net worth, we don’t exactly know her net worth but we are pretty sure that the beautiful lady must be earning a good amount of money in her life. As for the net worth of her popular husband, he is estimated to have a net worth of around 1 million.


Right now, Sarah Lai Wah Green is quite young and doing great professionally too, but she embraced motherhood and is enjoying this beautiful face of life incredibly as well. She is truly an inspiration for the ladies who think motherhood and a professional career can’t go hand in hand.