Ruth Roper Givens, Personal Life and Net Worth

Ruth Roper Givens is a celebrity mother who has seen and enjoyed the flourishing career of her daughter, Robin Givens, a popular American actress. You must already know a lot about the young actress. So, today let’s talk about her mother, Ruth Roper Givens.

In this article, we’ll reveal the interesting life details about Ruth Roper Givens such as her early life, family, siblings, education, work, love life, net worth, and all others.

Personal life

With the fact that Ruth Roper Givens mainly got public attention because of her daughter, there is hardly any information available about her early life. Neither the names of her parents nor her birthplace, nothing is known about the early life of Ruth Roper Givens. If you talk about her personal life, Ruth Roper Givens was married to Reuben Givens. However, her married life was not very smooth and she was separated from husband when her kids were really young.

Parents and siblings

As you already know that the family background of Ruth Roper Givens is a mystery to the public, nothing significant is available about her parents as well as siblings.


Though the marriage of Ruth Roper Givens with Reuben Givens was short-lived, she got to enjoy motherhood in this marriage. She became the proud mother of two daughters and their names are Stephanie Givens and Robin Givens. We have already talked about Robin Givens, who has become a popular American actress today and is making her mother proud. On the other hand, the other daughter of Ruth Roper Givens has died of breast cancer. Ruth Roper Givens raised both of her daughters as a single mother.

Education and profession

Well, this is again something that is not sure about Ruth Roper Givens. Since Ruth Roper Givens has never talked about her life, there is literally no information available about her education as well her profession. However, with the fact that Ruth Roper Givens herself raised her two daughters, she must have done something to make a living. Given the fact, we can say that Ruth Roper Givens was a working lady. Her profession is not known though.

Reason for the popularity of Ruth Roper Givens

It’s the actress daughter of Ruth Roper Givens who brought her into the limelight of the media and made her popular. Her daughter, Robin Givens, also shares a very good bonding with her mother.

Net worth of Ruth Roper Givens

We are almost sure that Ruth Roper Givens was professionally active during her young age. However, the exact net worth of Ruth Roper Givens is not known. Though she could not have much luxury in her early life, today she is enjoying abundant of it because her actress daughter has a huge net worth of around 1 million.


No doubt Ruth Roper Givens is a strong lady. She has raised her daughters all alone and made one of them so capable that today she is ruling the American film industry. Indeed, Ruth Roper Givens did her job as a mother perfectly.