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What You Don’t Know About Royce Renee Woods, Tiger Woods’ Sister

Royce Renee Woods is the sister of the golfing star Tiger Woods. Royce was born in 1961 to Earl Woods and Barbara Gary, and she is Tiger Woods’s half-sister. Royce Renee Woods has established herself as one of the most successful women in basketball for being a Collegiate basketball player and coach.

Royce Renee has coached men and women, being a role model to young girls who wish to achieve their dreams in the sports world.

Royce Renee Woods’ Net worth and Career

Royce Renee Woods is famous in sports, mostly attributed to her brother Tiger Woods. Royce Renee has been a basketball coach at college and the Women’s National Basketball League level, contributing significantly to her wealth. As of 2022, Royce Renee Woods is estimated to have a net worth of around $4 million.

Royce Renee Woods’ Parents

Royce Renee woods’ parents are Earl Woods and Barbara Gary. Barbara Gary was the first wife of Royce Renee’s father, and she bore two twin sons, Royce Renee’s elders, and one daughter Royce Renee Woods.

Royce Renee Woods’ Personal Life

Royce Renee Woods lived in California when her half-brother Tiger was at the University. During Tiger Woods’ two years at Stanford University, he used to visit his sister and spend time together.

When tiger Woods became famous as a golfer and became rich, he bought a house for his sister Royce in San Jose, California. It is clear that Tiger had a good relationship with his sister, but currently, there is no record of their relationship.

Royce Renee Woods’ Brother Tiger Woods

The famous golfer Tiger Woods is the half-brother of Royce Renee. Royce Renee and Tiger share a father, and he was born to Earl Woods’ second wife in December 1975 in Cypress, California, United States.

Tiger Woods’ mother is Kultida Woods, and she is Thai. The real name of Royce Renee’s brother is Eldrick Tont Woods, but his father gave him the nickname Tiger because of his father’s army friend.

Royce Renee Woods’ father started teaching Tiger Woods golf when he was young. When Tiger was six months old, his Earl Woods would make Tiger watch him as he hit balls in the garage. Tiger’s father had access to the Navy Gold Corse and had Tiger start playing.

When Tiger was aged three years, he shot 48 for nine holes. At age eight, he broke 80 and 70 when he was twelve. At twenty years, Royce Renee Woods’ brother had started his career, and he won the career grand slam as the youngest golfer at 24.

Royce Renee Woods’ brother has made his name in the golfing sector and remains one of the world’s best golfers. He dominated golf for ten years at the beginning of the twenty-first century, holding the number one golfing position in the world. Tiger has won 18 World Golf championships.

Royce Renee’s brother was married to his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, and they were blessed with two kids, a son and a daughter, during their marriage.