Rosemary Dapkins Personal Life, Career, & More

Rosemary Dapkins is the star kid of Gaby Hoffman and her husband Charles Dapkins. Gaby Hoffman is a popular actress in America who has been in the Hollywood industry since 1988. Hoffman’s partner, Charles Dapkins is an American movie director and producer. Rosemary is also the niece of Alexandra Auder, an American actress. Keep reading to find out more information about Rosemary Dapkins.

Personal life of Rosemary Dapkins

Gaby Hoffman and Chris Dapkins welcomed their only daughter Rosemary Dapkins, on November 19, 2014. The 8-year-old Rosemary is now in elementary school. Gaby Hoffman married her longtime partner Charles Dapkins in 2013. Not much is known about Rosemary as the Dapkins couple keeps their daughter out of the media limelight.

Rosemary’s mother, Gaby, is an actress best known for her role in the HBO series “Girls”. She has also appeared in films such as” Adventureland” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Rosemary’s father, Charles, is a writer and director. He has worked on films such as “The Darjeeling Limited” and “Moonrise Kingdom”.

All about Gaby Hoffman

Born on January 8, 1982, Gabrielle Mary Antonia Hoffmann is an American film and television actress. She is known for her roles as Veda Pierce in the film “Transparent” and as Ali Pfefferman in the Amazon Studios series of the same name.

Hoffmann was born in New York City, to Anthony Herrera, a writer, and Viva (née Janin), an actress and former Andy Warhol superstar. Jacinto Benavente, a Spanish playwright, was her paternal great-grandfather. She has an older half-sister, Alexandra, from her mother’s previous marriage to Michel Auder. Hoffmann is of Cuban, German, English, Irish, and Welsh descent.

Hollywood career of Gaby Hoffman

Hoffmann began her acting career when she was six years old, appearing in a commercial for First Federal Bank of New York. She made her film debut in 1989 with the independent film “Field of Dreams,” where she was cast alongside Kevin Costner. She even starred in “Uncle Buck” (1989), directed by John Hughes. She went on to appear in the films “Sleepless in Seattle” (1993), “Now and Then” (1995), and “Volcano” (1997).

In 2014, Hoffmann began starring as Maura Pfefferman in the Amazon Studios original series “Transparent,” for which she has received critical acclaim. The series was created by Jill Soloway and is based on Soloway’s own experiences with her transgender father. Hoffmann has received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her work on the show.

Who is Charles Dapkins?

Charles Dapkins is the husband of Gaby Hoffmann and the father of their only daughter. He is a film editor and has worked on such films as “The Revenant” and “Hacksaw Ridge”. He also has his own production company called Dapper Dan Films.

Charles is a highly respected film editor and has won numerous awards for his work. His production company, Dapper Dan Films, has produced several award-winning short films. Charles is a passionate advocate for social justice and equality.


Rosemary’s parents have said that they hope to raise their daughter in a traditional way, with both parents being present in their lives. They have also said that they want their daughter to grow up appreciating the arts. Rosemary’s parents have been together since 2011 and they got hitched in 2013. They currently live in Brooklyn, New York.