Raphael Louis-Dreyfus, Personal Life and Net Worth

Raphael Louis-Dreyfus is a celebrity son and celebrity brother from America. He is best known for being the son of American business tycoon Gérard Louis-Dreyfus and the step-brother of American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Today, let’s dig deeper and find out more details about Raphael Louis-Dreyfus including his childhood, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and all other details

Personal life

Despite the fact that Raphael Louis-Dreyfus is a celebrity kid, his exact DOB is not known. If you talk about his parents, he is the son of American couple Gérard Louis-Dreyfus and Phyllis Blankenship.  The nationality and religious views of Raphael Louis-Dreyfus are not confirmed. Raphael Louis-Dreyfus had a wonderful childhood with his step-siblings. If you talk about the love life of Raphael Louis-Dreyfus, it is a complete secret to the public. The young man has not bothered to disclose any details regarding his love life.

Parents and siblings

Raphael Louis-Dreyfus is the only son of  Gérard Louis-Dreyfus and Phyllis Blankenship. His parents got married in 1965 and had three kids together. This was the second marriage of his father, Gérard Louis-Dreyfus. From his first marriage, he had one daughter and she is the one and only Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Given the fact, Raphael Louis-Dreyfus has three sisters, two real and one step-sisters. The names of his sisters are Phoebe Émilie Dominique Louis-Dreyfus Eavis and Emma R. Louis-Dreyfus, who were born respectively in 1968 and 1974.

Speaking of the professions of his parents, the father of Raphael Louis-Dreyfus is a billionaire businessman, ex-chairman of the Louis Dreyfus Group, while the profession of his mother is not confirmed.


With the fact that there is hardly any information available on the personal life of Raphael Louis-Dreyfus, it is not known whether he has any kids or not.

Education and profession

Raphael Louis-Dreyfus is the only son of a billionaire father. With the fact, you can assume the kind of upbringing he has received since his childhood. We can definitely say that Raphael Louis-Dreyfus must have received his education from the best institute and would have probably done with his studies as well. As for the profession of Raphael Louis-Dreyfus, it is apparently a mystery to the public. However, we assume that Raphael Louis-Dreyfus must be active in his family business.

Reason for the popularity of Raphael Louis-Dreyfus

Raphael Louis-Dreyfus is definitely the son of a world-famous businessman but the main reason for his popularity is his actress sister, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who has achieved great success in her film career.

Net worth of Raphael Louis-Dreyfus

Considering the fact that the profession of Raphael Louis-Dreyfus is not known to the public, his exact net worth can’t be estimated either. However, one thing is sure that he is going to be a billionaire like his father in the future because he will inherit his family business.


In a world where people love to publicize their life and show off their lavishness, Raphael Louis-Dreyfus prefers to stay low profile despite having so much. No doubt he is different from the crowd.