Rahaman Hudson

Rahaman Hudson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Rahaman Hudson is a celebrity son, who is enjoying the stardom of his actor father, Ernie Hudson. The father of Rahaman Hudson has appeared in several Hollywood films and has established himself as a successful actor.

Today, we will discuss every single detail about Rahaman Hudson including his childhood, parents, siblings, education, work, personal life, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Though Rahaman Hudson is the son of an actor father, his life is not much open to the public. Neither Rahaman Hudson nor his father has ever spoken about his personal life. His exact birth year is not known. However, we believe that Rahaman Hudson was born between 1963 to 1976 because her parents remained together for these years only. The names of his parents are Ernie Hudson and Jeannie Moore. Rahaman Hudson holds American nationality. Coming to the personal life of Rahaman Hudson, he must be around 50 years old right now. Given the fact, Rahaman Hudson might be married and have a Happy family. However, Rahaman hasn’t made it public.

Parents and siblings

Rahaman Hudson is the second child of Ernie Hudson and Jeannie Moore. His parents got married in 1963 and remained together till 1976. When his parents got married, his mother was only 16 years old while the father was just 18. His parents had two kids together and the name of the older brother of Rahaman Hudson is Ernie Hudson Jr. After the divorce of his parents, Rahaman Hudson lived with his father in California. The father of Rahaman Hudson married for the second time in 1985 to former flight attendant Linda Kingsberg.

Speaking of the profession of his parents, his father is a famous American actor while the profession of his mother is not known to the public.


With the fact that Rahaman Hudson would be around 50 years old right now, he might be a married man and has kids. Nevertheless, it is not confirmed by Rahaman Hudson himself.

Education and profession

Like many other things, the education and profession of Rahaman Hudson are also not known. However, we do assume that Rahaman Hudson must have received a good education as he is the son of an actor father. As for the profession of Rahaman Hudson, he must be professionally active, as he is 50 years old. Rahaman hasn’t disclosed it to the public though.

Reason for the popularity of Rahaman Hudson

Of course, it’s the father of Rahaman Hudson who makes him popular. He himself is quite popular and his entire family has gained popularity because of him.

Net worth of Rahaman Hudson

Since the profession of Rahaman Hudson is not known, we don’t know his net worth either. If you talk about the net worth of his father, he holds a giant net worth of around 5 million even at the age of 76.


Rahaman Hudson probably doesn’t like the glam of the acting world and this is the reason that he kept himself away from it. He just likes to enjoy a peaceful life.