Quinncey Wagner Personal Life, Career, & More

Quinncey Wagner is the daughter of the famous footballer Bobby Wagner. It’s quite apparent that she attained the spotlight because of her father who is always known for his incredible presence of mind on the field. Till now she hasn’t done anything remarkable because of which Quinncey Wagner can be appreciated around the globe.

Nonetheless, this content will express all possible information about Quinncey Wagner. Including her, a few segments will also be put in about her father because of whom she is known as.

Early Life And Family

Quinncey Wagner is the daughter of Bobby Wagner. She was born in 2009. Despite being the daughter of a notable player, Quinncey never seems too active to speak up about her fields of interest.

At present, she must be involved in her studies which will assist him to achieve her goals in life. Other than this nothing much can be known about Quinncey Wagner.

Quinncey’s Father And His Net Worth

Bobby Joseph Wagner AKA Bobby Wagner is one of the well-known footballers from America. He was born on 27th June 1990 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. To complete his primary education he went to Colony High School from where his interest in sports went to another level

Since his school days, Bobby Wagner had started playing football as a professional. Later, attending Utah State University assisted him to be in the university football team. However, in his college days, Bobby Wagner had achieved the WAC Defensive Player of the Year. Just establishing a record of 147 tackles, two interceptions, and almost four sacks had helped him to gain so.

In 2012 Bobby made an official announcement that he had been a part of the 2012 Senior Bowl. With this, he had a record of 22 combined tackles against his opponent named Minnesota Vikings. His incredible playing strategy helped him to gain an invitation to become a part of the NFL Scouting Combine. However, destiny had some other plans. He couldn’t be a part of it as he was suffering from pneumonia.

Bobby Wagner became a part of the 2012 NFL Draft after being selected by The Seattle Seahawks. He had signed an almost 4.30 million dollar contract with this team. However, after looking into his defensive character in the recent NFL he had been listed in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2021.

According to recent news, Bobby Wagner had signed a 5 years contract with the Los Angeles Rams. However, on 31st March 2022, this incident took place. He signed the contract for 65 million dollars.

Bobby Wagner has a total net worth of around 30 million dollars.

Quinncey Wagner’s Net Worth

Maybe at present Quinncey Wagner is fully dependent upon her parents for her every need. This is because till now she doesn’t have that establishment to generate her income. So it’s better to overlook this topic about Quinncey Wagner.


Quinncey Wagner will be a supportive daughter who will always stay beside her father whenever he needs him. However, one day she will also make her father proud just like the way every child does. To figure out more information about such identities keep an eye on this website for more updates.