Recalling Memorable Life Of Oren Larramore Depp

From the name itself, it’s quite predictable who Oren Larramore Depp was. Yes, you got it right he was one of the family members of the famous American actor. Oren Larramore Depp was the grandfather of Johnny Depp. Just like celebrity kids the unknown family members of the celebrity unknowingly glide into the path of success. However, it’s unethical to blame these identities for catching the eyes of the onlookers as the paparazzi are the culprit.

As the title of the article indicates it will articulate all probable announcements about Oren Larramore Depp. However, just to enhance her character a few segments will also be summed up about his grandson.

Early Life And Family

Oren Laramore Depp was born on 28th January 1905 in Glasgow, Barren, Kentucky, United States. His parents were Effie America Depp and Oren Richard Depp. He made some childhood memories with his siblings Thelma Lennette Depp, Lennis Elizabeth Wells, and Tipton Elsworth Depp.

​Excluding this nothing, much can be known about Oren Larramore Depp or how he had enjoyed her early days. Nonetheless, during any conversation, his grandson also didn’t mention precisely about his grandfather.

Personal Life

Oren Larramore Depp walked down the aisle with Violet Grinstead on 8th October 1930 in Bowling Green, KY. However, the couple had four kids.

Oren’s Grandson And His Net Worth

Who doesn’t know about Johnny Depp? He is the most desirable and incredible actor as well as a musician from America. He was the youngest among his four siblings. However, his parents were Betty John Christopher Depp and Sue Depp.

Johnny served in the movie titled A Nightmare on Elm Street as a debut actor. Apart from being a part of movies he also served in a television show 21 Jump Street. However, he also worked together with Tim Burton, one of the famous directors. As a result of this collaboration, both of them worked together on several movies like Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, and Ed Wood.

Audiences around the globe have always remembered Johnny as Captain Sparrow in the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. He also holds the World Record for the world’s highest paid actor. However, the audience is well aware of the nasty divorce episodes of Depp and Amber Heard which took place in 2022.

He has won a Golden Globe Award followed by a Screen Actors Guild Award. On the other hand, almost three times he won nominations for Academy Awards.

According to sources, Johnny Depp has a net worth of around 150 million dollars.


Oren Larramore Depp took his last breath at the age of 74 on 12th September 1979 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA.

Oren Larramore Depp’s Net Worth

It’s not achievable to figure out Oren’s net worth at this moment. However, the person is not alive so it’s better not to incorporate anything inappropriate about him.


The above segments are enough to realize who Oren Larramore Depp was and his well-known famous grandson. According to quotations, Oren had always been a supportive individual in his family. He had never neglected his family and had always put them as his priority. However, to know more about such personalities keep scrolling through this website.