Know about Oliver William D’Abo, Son of the iconic Actress and Singer Olivia D’Abo

Oliver William D’Abo is a celebrity kid who has enjoyed fame and popularity since infancy because of his superstar family of singers and actors, including his mother Olivia D’Abo, his father Patrick Leonard, and his maternal grandfather Mike D’Abo.

Oliver William D’Abo’s Family

Oliver William D’Abo aka Oliver D’Abo-Hurwitz was born November 11, 1995, to Patrick Leonard and Olivia D’Abo.

Patrick Ray Leonard, born on March 14 1956 married Olivia in 2002. From his first marriage, Leonard has three children: a daughter Jessica, a writer, and two sons, Sean, who is a musician, and Jordan, a projection mapper and VJ under the name Pickels Visuals.

Olivia Jane d’Abo was born on 22 January 1969 in London, England, and is the daughter of Maggie London (born Margaret Evelyn Lyndon), an English model and actress, and Mike D’Abo (born Michael David d’Abo), an English singer. She is the first cousin once removed from her father’s cousin Maryam d’Abo, a well-known actress. She has an older brother, Benjamin Byron D’Abo,  two half-brothers, Bruno and Louis, and one half-sister, Ella on her father’s side.

In 1990, Olivia started dating and later got engaged to Julian Lennon, the son of the iconic Beatles, John Lenon. The engagement was called off in 1992. She also dated James Quakenbush of Whiteland Indiana, for a while, who is a professional skateboarder for birdhouse skateboards. She then got engaged to actor Thomas Jane but the couple ended the engagement in 2001. Olivia was Leonard’s second wife, and this marriage came to an end when Leonard filed for a divorce in 2012.

Oliver William D’Abo’s Net Worth

Despite belonging to a celebrity family, Oliver William D’Abo lives a private life and is not available on any of the social media platforms. His career path and net worth are not disclosed yet but looking at the successful careers of his parents and grandparents, it can be said that he was born with a silver spoon and lives a lavish lifestyle.

His father, Patrick is an American songwriter, keyboardist, film composer, and music producer, best known for his longtime collaboration with Madonna.

Oliver’s mom, Olivia is a gifted singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist and has composed songs for several soundtracks. She is known for her roles as Karen Arnold, Kevin Arnold’s rebellious teenaged hippie sister in the ABC comedy-drama series ‘The Wonder Years,’ as female serial killer Nicole Wallace in ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent,’ as Marie Blake on ‘The Single Guy’, and Jane Porter in ‘The Legend of Tarzan’. Her film appearances include roles in ‘Conan the Destroyer’ and ‘Bank Robber’.

In February 2013, she began filming for Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (working title: Project Fedora), a video game that combined live-action footage with 3D graphics. The family is estimated to have more than $15 million net worth.