Oliver Patrick Short

Oliver Patrick Short Net Worth

Oliver Patrick Short was born on the 29th of April in 1986. He was born to his parents, Martin Hayter Short and Nancy Dolman. He also has two siblings a brother, Henry Short, and a sister, Katherine Elizabeth Short.

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His Net Worth

Oliver lives his life outside of the public eye, so there is no information available about what his current career is or what his net worth is.

His Father

Oliver Patrick Short may live a life far from the public eye, but the same is not true about his father, Martin Hayter Short. He usually just goes by Martin Short.

Born on the 26th of March in the year 1950. He was born in a town called Hamilton in Ontario in, Canada. His parents were Olive Grace, with the maiden name Hayter and Charles Patrick Short.

His mom Olive Grace and Oliver’s grandmother was part of the Hamilton Symphony Orchestra as a concertmistress, and his father, Charles, Oliver’s grandfather, was a corporate executive for a Canadian steel company known as Stelco.

Martin Hayter Short was one of five children, one sister, and three brothers. Martin was the youngest of the lot. Sadly, one of his brothers, David, has already passed away. His other siblings are Nora, his older sister, and Michael and Brian.

David tragically passed away in a car wreck when Martin was only 12 years old, and Martin also lost both his parents. He lost his mother to cancer in 1968 when he was 18 and his father in 1970 from complications related to a stroke. Martin was 20 when his father passed away.

Martin and his siblings were raised Catholic as their father was an Irish Catholic.

Martin’s mother, Olive Grace, raised her children in a way that encouraged creativity.

Martin Short graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from McMaster University in 1971.

Martin had every intention of being a social worker; however, things changed when he got a role in the Toronto Production of Godspell the same year he graduated.

His career started with Godspell. He had roles in several television programs on Canadian screens, and some shows meant for the American audience.

People in Short’s life encouraged him to get into comedy, and that he did, he joined The Second City that is an improv group that was based in Toronto.

He spent some time being a part of the Saturday Night Live team and had many more television roles, including a feature on Law and Order: Special Victim’s unit and a role in the hit show How I Met Your Mother.

Martin Short’s career doesn’t stop at the television; he has had some roles in major films as well. Short has even done voice acting on some trendy animations.

Some of Short’s work includes Father of The Bride (the remake from 1991) and Mars Attacks.

Even though we don’t know Oliver Patrick Short’s net worth, we do have an idea about his father’s net worth; Martin Short is worth around about 40 million dollars.