Get to Know Nicholas Taylor Begley

Nicholas Taylor Begley is the son of Edward Begley Jr., an American actor, and environmental steward. He was born on January 4, 1979, to his parents, Edward Begley Jr. and Ingrid Taylor. He has two siblings, namely, Amanda Begley and Hayden Carson Begley.

Moving on to his personal life, Nicholas married Kyle Marie in 2002 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. They were blessed with one child in the marriage, Ellison Taylor Begley. Nicholas’ wife is a cofounder of Dovetail Workwear; this resulted from her gardening fashion, and she wanted to make clothes comfortable for women to work in, no matter the work.

Career and Education.

Little is known about what Nicholas does to earn a living, maybe he owns a business, but those details have not been revealed. On matters of education, he must have gone to school, but the names of the institutions he attended have not been mentioned; on the other hand, his wife dropped out of college.

His Father

Nicholas’ father gained popularity when he featured as Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the series St. Elsewhere from 1982-1988. For his role in the series, he was nominated six times for the Primetime Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe Nomination.

Ed Begley Jr. started his acting career in the late 1960s, making his debut on the television show, My Three Sons. He also featured in Room 222, Amazon Women on the Moon, Greedy, Batman Forever, Best in Show, Alone in a Crowd, The Penthouse, Amsterdam, The Love Boat, and Pound Puppies, among others.

Nicholas’ father has also appeared in reality shows, including Living with Ed, where he co-starred with his wife, Rachelle Carson. The web series On Begley Street featured Ed, his wife, and his daughter in their green, most sustainable home.

Besides acting, Nicholas’ father is also an environmentalist; he tries to be environment-friendly and promotes environmentally friendly products. Ed uses solar and wind power in his home and a bicycle for transportation to avoid polluting the environment. For his work in environmental conservation, he received the Thomas Alva Edison Award from the American Jewish Congress.

In October, he introduced the Begley-Cohen Test with Diana Cohen to reduce plastic pollution. They encourage people to tell if the movie or tv show they are watching passes the test, whether it has a plastic or not.

Social Media and Net Worth

No social media accounts related to Nicholas Taylor Begley have been found; therefore, it is worth assuming that he is not on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. But his younger sister Amanda and his father are on social media. For instance, his father is on Instagram, where he mostly posts pictures of himself and his family.

Nicholas’s father is also on Twitter, which he joined in February 2009; he has close to 50k followers. He sometimes tweets family-related issues, like one time he said he was going to see his grandchildren.

What Nicholas does to earn a living is unknown, but his wife, the cofounder of Dovetail Workwear, makes some money from her business to support the family.