Nancy Loftus Quinones

What You May Not Know About Nancy Loftus Quinones, John Quinones’s Ex-Wife

Nancy Loftus Quinones is the ex-wife of the famous American broadcast journalist, author, and producer Jon Quinones. Nancy was married to the Journalist for two decades but divorced when the marriage would not work out. Here is more information we know about John Quinones’s first wife.

Nancy Loftus Quinones’ Family Life

Nancy Loftus met his ex-husband in high school, and they fell in love. In 1988, the two lovebirds decided to tie the knot, and they held a private event in West Plam Beach, Florida, where their close friends and family attended.

The couple exchanged the vows, and life began. During their marriage, they were blessed with three children, two sons, and one daughter. The children include Julian, Nico, and their daughter Andrea.

The couple decided to divorce after twenty years of marriage, and they divorced officially in 2009. Even after the divorce, the two decided to co-parent their three children.

Nancy Loftus Quinones’s Ex-husband

The ex-husband of Nancy Loftus Quinones is Jon Quinones, a renowned American broadcast journalist, author, and producer. Loftus’s ex-husband was born in May 1952 and came from a poor and uneducated background.

Even if his family was poor, he took responsibility for changing his life for the better. Jon Quiones’ father was once demoted as a Janitor, which forced him and his family to be migrant farmworkers in Michigan to harvest cherries.

While working as farmworkers, john Quinones’ father asked him if he wanted to live the same life the family lived or join college. That is when Jon decided to join college, to make a better life for his family.

Nancy Loftus Quinones’s ex-husband joined St. Mary’s University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. Quinones did not stop there because he continued his education and earned a master’s from Columbia University School of Journalism.

Nancy Loftus Quinones’s ex-husband is a good example of a prosperous gentleman who has worked hard to earn everything. He came from a poor background but has remained one of the most successful TV hosts in the United States. The net worth of Nancy Loftus’s ex-husband is around $2 million.

The Permanent Alimony Award to Nancy Loftus Quinones Reversed

Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal reversed the permanent periodic alimony awarded to Nancy Loftus Quinones after her divorce from Jon Quinones. After the 2009 divorce, A Miami-Dade trial court awarded Nancy Loftus Quinones monthly alimony of $14,135.

During the divorce, Nancy Loftus was unemployed for the last eighteen years while the husband earned more than $1 million per year. The couple also had children attending school; one was still a minor. Jon Quinones, Nacy Loftus’ ex-husband, decided to pay the children’s fees voluntarily after their divorce.

The court committed an error when they considered the voluntary payment of fees of the Journalist in determining the alimony of Nancy Loftus Quinones. The Florida court reversed the judgment and remanded the case to be reconsidered.