Montana Eve Hirsch, Personal Life and Net Worth

Montana Eve Hirsch is a celebrity daughter, who probably prefers to keep herself low profile. She is best known for being the daughter of popular American actor, Judd Hirsch. Grab a seat because today we are going to tell you everything about Montana Eve Hirsch.

Here, we will discuss the childhood parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, children, and many other such details about Montana Eve Hirsch.

Personal life

Montana Eve Hirsch was born in 1994 in the USA to Judd Hirsch and Bonni Chalkin. Though Montana Eve Hirsch had a privileged childhood, she could not get much love from her parents because they were separated when she was really young. If you talk about the love life of Montana Eve Hirsch, the gorgeous lady has maintained complete silence over her love life. She has never ever dropped even a single piece of information regarding this. Since she is 28, we hope that she must be in a romantic relationship.

Parents and siblings

Montana Eve Hirsch is the only daughter of her parents Judd Hirsch and Bonni Chalkin, who got married in 1992. Together, her parents had 2 kids before parting ways in 2005. The name of the brother of Montana Eve Hirsch is London. Besides one real brother, she has one stepbrother as well named Alex Hirsch from the first marriage of her father.

Talking about the professions of her parents, we have already told you that the father of Montana Eve Hirsch is an American actor. On the other hand, her mother, Bonni Chalkin, is a fashion designer.


Saying anything confirmed about the kids of Montana Eve Hirsch is not really possible because she has not revealed anything regarding her loved life.

Education and profession

These are again those life details about Montana Eve Hirsch that are secret to the public. Neither Montana Eve Hirsch nor her parents ever bothered to disclose any information regarding her profession as well as her education. Since she is already 28, we are pretty sure that she must have kicked in her professional journey. Maybe, she is not interested in sharing details regarding that with the public.

Reason for the popularity of Montana Eve Hirsch

Well, it’s the father of Montana Eve Hirsch who makes her popular. Though he has never talked about his family background, Montana Eve Hirsch still grabbed public attention for being the daughter of such a great actor.

Net worth of Montana Eve Hirsch

With the fact that the profession of Montana Eve Hirsch is a mystery, her net worth is secretive as well. However, Montana Eve Hirsch is fortunate enough to enjoy luxurious life since her childhood, as her father has accumulated huge money in his career. As of 2022, he holds a staggering net worth of around 12 million.


There is nothing much available about Montana Eve Hirsch because she keeps herself away from the spotlight of the media. We just hope that she would be successful and make her parents proud in whatever she would be doing.