Mildred Marguerite Spence, Personal Life and Net Worth

Mildred Marguerite Spence was a celebrity wife as well as a mother from America. She herself had a successful professional career but she is best known for being the wife of American actor Edgar Buchanan and the mother of William Edgar Buchanan.

Read this article to get some interesting life details about Mildred Marguerite Spence including her early life, parents, siblings, education, love life, work, net worth, and many other details.

Personal life

Mildred Marguerite Spence was born on 23rd September 1907 in Canada. The name of her father was James Spence, while no information is available about the mother of Mildred Marguerite Spence. She was born in Canada but has spent most of her life in America. However, the nationality of Mildred Marguerite Spence is not known.

Coming to the love life of Mildred Marguerite Spence, she was the lady love of famous American actor Edgar Buchanan. The couple remained together till the death of her husband in 1979. After 8 years of her husband’s death, she also died in 1987 in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Parents and siblings

Mildred Marguerite Spence is the youngest of two kids of James Spence and his wife. Other than the name of her father, nothing much is available about the parents of Mildred Marguerite Spence. As for the siblings, she had one sister and her name was Thelma Sarah Spence. Her sister is spent her all life in Canada.


With her marriage to Edgar Buchanan, Mildred Marguerite Spence had one son and his name was William Edgar Buchanan. He was born in 1946 and was an actor by profession. The son of Mildred Marguerite Spence is already also dead. He died in 2005.

Education and profession

There is no confirmed information available on the education of Mildred Marguerite Spence. However, we are sure that she must have received high education because she was a doctor by profession. In fact, she was an acclaimed dentist. Without a good education, she obviously couldn’t have such a prestigious job.

Reason for the popularity of Mildred Marguerite Spence

The main reason for the popularity of Mildred Marguerite Spence is her husband, Edgar Buchanan. He was a famous actor and used to talk about his wife, Mildred Marguerite Spence in the media. Thus, Mildred Marguerite Spence also got enough popularity.

Net worth of Mildred Marguerite Spence

Considering the fact that Mildred Marguerite Spence was a successful doctor, we hope that she must have earned a great deal of money in her career. However, the exact net worth of Mildred Marguerite Spence has never been disclosed by herself. If you talk about the net worth of her husband, he had an estimated net worth of around 5 million at the time of his death.


Mildred Marguerite Spence managed her professional as well as personal life really well. Her relationship with her husband and her son was just too good. On the other hand, she was successful in her professional career too. We must say that she was an exceptional lady.