Facts About May Theodora Benben You Don’t Know

May Theodora Benben is a celebrity kid and a growing actress recognized for being the daughter of actor parents. May is the daughter of Madeleine Stowe and Brian Benben, and her parents’ fame has made many people dig into May’s personal life.

May was born in 1996 in the United States, where she grew up. May was born as the only child of a famous couple, and although her parents have had a successful marriage for the longest period, they never had n interest in having another child.

May Theodora Benben’s Parents

May Theodora’s parents are famous actors who met while in the filming industry. The couple met in 1980 in a movie they were starring together, and they were attracted to each other. The lovebirds were starring in The Gangster Chronicles when they decided to date.

The couple dated for a year, and in 1982, they made their relationship official and exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

May Theodora’s Mother

May Theodora’s mother debuted in acting in 1978 in the series Barretta. After her first role, she made numerous appearances in various TV shows like Amazing Spider-Man, Barnay Jones, and Little House in Prairie.

May Theodora’s mother got her career breakthrough after she featured in Stakeout. The film was rated number one at the box office, giving her numerous roles.

Unfortunately, in the early 2000s, she became a rare figure in films because of motherhood. Later in an interview, the actress revealed that she never thought she was retiring, but acting never revived after she took a break to take care of her daughter.

The actress decided to focus more on her daughter, and she never regretted how it turned out because May was a fine lady with wisdom. Madeleine Stowe revealed that when she looks at her daughter, she won’t change anything, given a second chance to change things.

May Theodora’s mother was born in 1958 and grew up in a well-off family.

Her maternal grandparents came from a politically prominent family in Costa Rica, and her father was a civil engineer. Because of the family’s well-being, May Theodora’s mother got the best education.

May Theodora’s mother’s latest work includes playing Victoria Grayson in 2011. Also, she returned to acting in 2019, but the series was cancelled after one season.

May Theodora’s Father

Brian Edward Benben is May Theodora’s father, born on June 18, 1956. The American actor debuted in acting in the early 1970s, but he got his breakthrough in 1990 when he was cast in Dream On, an HBO comedy series.

May’s father was brought up in Winchester, Virginia and later attended high school in Mariboro, New York. He went to college in New York and later started attending auditions and acting while doing various jobs in New York City.

The actor has been acting for a long time, and among his latest movies is the Scandal (2014). Currently, the actor lives in Austin, near Johnson City, Texas, with his wife, Madeleine Stowe.