Who is Lydon Edward McGrath

Lydon Edward McGrath is one of the twins born to Mark McGrath and his wife, Carin Kingsland. Lydon was the first one; his sister followed shortly, weighing 5lbs and 4lbs, respectively. Lydon Edward’s sister was named Hartley Grace, and their parents announced their birth on their social media handles.

Lydon Edward and his sister were born on April 29, 2010, and their mother delivered the healthy babies through a c-section. When Mark McGrath announced the good news, he indicated he was a happy father, and the birth of the twins brought a lot of joy to the family.

Who is Lydon Edward McGrath’s Father

Mark Sayers McGrath is the father of Lydon, and he was on March 5, 1968. McGrath is a lead singer in Sugar Ray, a music band, and his many years in the industry have made him a famous figure. Besides being a recognized singer, McGrath was a cohost of Extra.

Additionally, McGrath took after Jackass star Steve-O, and he hosted the second season of Killer Karaoke. Lydon’s father was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and the family moved to Newport when he was eight years old. McGrath spent his years in Newport, where he attended Corona del Mar High School.

How Did Lydon’s Parents Meet

Carin and Mark McGrath met in the famous Viper room in 1994. The first words mark said to the beautician were that he thinks he loves her, and although the couple did not jump into gifting roses to each other, they fell in love. The next fifteen years of their relationship were never easy, as th lovebirds used to break up and reconcile frequently.

In 2009, the couple was engaged, and four months after their engagement, they welcomed their lovely children, a son, and a daughter. During the engagement, Mark ensured it had to happen in the same spot they first met, and Carin happily accepted the proposal.

The famous couple’s wedding was held on September 24, 2012, when their children were almost two years. The happy family of four now resides in Los Angeles, Studio City suburbs, where Carin has taken a full-time job as a mother.

Motherhood seems to be a calling, and it is clear from how Carin has disappeared from the Spotlight for some time. Moreover, the mother of two has no active social media accounts, explaining how she is focused on taking care of her children.

How Rich is Carin Kingsland?

Carin Kingsland is currently not active in her career, but she is an established lady with a huge net worth of $6 million. After Carin was married to McGrath, she became more focused on her family and marriage, explaining why she diverted from her career.

But before she met the popular musician and television personnel McGrath, she worked as a beautician in her hometown and later in Los Angeles.

Moreover, Carin’s husband began his career in the 990s, and he is a famous singer who has grown his wealth to unimaginable amounts because of his successful career. He has also hosted several television shows, which have boosted his net worth, placing him as one of the rich celebrities in town.