Star Kid Life Of Lucia Rose Mariano

Lucia Rose Mariano is famous as the celebrity child of the American reality television stars Rob Mariano popularly known as Boston Rob and Amber Brkich. The couple met in one such reality television show called “Survivor” in 2004. 13-year-old Lucia Rose is their first-born daughter. Lucia has three younger siblings, Carina Rose Mariano, Isabetta Rose Mariano and Adelina Rose Mariano.

Personal life of Lucia Rose Mariano

Rob Mariano and his wife Amber Mariano née Brkich welcome their eldest daughter Lucia Rose Mariano on July 4th, 2009. Lucia’s father is of Italian descent, while her mother, Amber, is of Irish descent. She is currently an 8th grader in Brooklyn’s Saint Xavier’s High School.

Rob Mariano first gained national attention as a contestant on the 2004 reality television show “Survivor: All-Stars”. He has since appeared on several other reality shows, including “The Amazing Race 7” in 2005 and “Celebrity Wife Swap”. On April 16th, 2005, Rob and Amber were married in a televised ceremony that aired as part of the CBS reality show “Rob Has a Wedding.”

Lucia Rose Mariano’s Career in American Television Industry

Since her birth, Lucia has made several appearances on her father’s reality TV show, “Boston Rob Rules”. In one episode, she was seen learning how to play poker from her father. Lucia has also been featured in several episodes of her father’s podcast, “Rob Has a Podcast”. In 2018, Lucia made a cameo appearance in an episode of the CBS reality show “Big Brother”.

Lucia Rose Mariano’s battle with Cancer

As a young child, Lucia was diagnosed with leukemia. She has been in remission for several years. In 2016, Lucia’s father auctioned off a date with her as part of a charity fundraiser. The date was won by fellow reality TV star, Jeff Schroeder.

All about Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano, also known as Boston Rob, is a reality television personality who has appeared on several shows, including “Survivor”, “The Amazing Race”, and “Big Brother”. He is also a four-time winner of the Survivor franchise.

Bob Mariano, officially named Robert Carlo Mariano, was born on December 25, 1975, and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He began his television career in 2002 when he was cast on the fourth season of Survivor called “Survivor: Marquesas”. Mariano has since appeared on” Survivor: All-Stars”, “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains”, and “Survivor: Redemption Island”. He has also competed in “The Amazing Race” with his wife, Amber Mariano.

Other works of Rob Mariano

In addition to his television appearances, Mariano has also written a book, “Rob Has a Plan: How to Be a Player in the Game of Life”, which was published in 2014. Mariano is one of the most successful reality television personalities of all time.

Boston Rob is known for his strategic gameplay, his ability to find and use hidden immunity idols, and his willingness to make big moves. Mariano considers himself a superfan of the Survivor franchise. Mariano is a polarizing figure in the world of reality television. Some viewers find him to be arrogant and manipulative, while others admire his strategic gameplay and his willingness to take risks.


Lucia Rose Mariano is an active member of her school’s track and field team. Lucia has also expressed interest in following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a reality TV star herself someday.