Lori Jayne Lampson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Clay Walker had a gorgeous wife called Lori Jayne Lampson. The couple divorced after sixteen years of dating and marriage. During their time together, Lori and Clay had two children, MaClay DaLayne and Skylor Clay Anne. In today’s article, we will give details about Lori Jayne Lampson.

Personal Information

Full Name: Lori Jayne Lampson

Date of Birth: Not Known

Country of Birth: United States of America

Age: Not Known

Husband: Clay Walker (divorced)

Children: MaClay DaLayne and Skylor Clay Anne

Date of Marriage: 24th October 1992

Relationship Years: 16

Occupation: Former Model

The Relationship Life of Lori Jayne Lampson

Lori Jayne Lampson and Clay Walker began dating from 1990 to October 1992. After dating for two years, the couple tied the knot on 24th October 1992. They had two children, all daughters called MaClay DaLayne and Skylor Clay Anne.

MaClay was born on 14th January 1996, while Skylor’s date of birth was on 14th May 1999. However, after sixteen years of being together, Lori Jayne and Clay Walker divorced in 2003. The reason for their divorce is not clear, but a high probability is due to unresolved marital issues.

Where is Clay Walker?

After the divorce, Clay Walker focused on a high music career. However, four years later, he married Jessica Craig in September 2007. Clay and Craig have two children, William Clayton and Mary Elizabeth Walker. Craig is a model, which makes her a popular American celebrity.

How is the Relationship Between Clay Walker and Lori Jayne Lampson’s Daughters?

Since they were children, Lori’s daughter has had a good relationship with their father. Clay ensured that he dropped and picked up Skylor and MaClay from school. He continued this even after his divorce from Lampson. During an interview, Walker said that he never thought of getting divorced but it happened.

What is Lori Jayne’s Date of Birth?

Lampson has a date of birth which is not public. We have been waiting for her to state when she was born publicly. However, it has never happened. All we hope is for Lori to state her date of birth. When we get this information, we will update you.

How Much is Lori Jayne Thompson Worth?

Lori Jayne is worth millions, but we don’t know her exact net worth. His ex-husband has a net worth of $8 million. This is from his music and acting career. As a country singer and songwriter, Walker has eleven studio albums and soundtracks from different films.

Where is Lori Currently?

Lori Jayne Lampson is currently staying in the United States of America. The specific location has yet to be discovered. We will update you when we get details of the state she is staying.

The Early Life of Lori Jayne

The parents or siblings of Lori Lampson are not known. Additionally, Lori has never revealed where she went to school. As for Clay Walker, he is the child of Ernest and Danna Walker. Furthermore, Clay is an alumnus of Vidor high school.


Lori Jayne Lampson is not seen publicly as before when she was the wife of Clay. Therefore, this is all we had for you today about Lampson. Thank you.