Loretta Barnett Combs- Get To Know Who She Was.

Loretta Barnett Combs was born on September 7, 1922, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, to her parents, David Alva Barnett and Aletta Loretta Kimmel. Her husband, John Agar, was an American actor, having featured in several films and television shows. Loretta was a mother of two, John G. Agar III and Martin Agar

Loretta was a model and actress. As an actress, Loretta Combs featured in the film Revenge of the Creature, the first sequel of Creature from the Black Lagoon. Loretta Barnett Combs was featured in another film Citizen Kane, a drama and mystery film released in 1941.

Personal Life

Loretta Barnett Combs married John Agar Jr on May 17, 1951. Their union was delayed by county clerk Helen Scott Reed who said John was under the influence of alcohol. It took an hour to convince the county clerk to grant them a marriage license; Loretta’s husband claimed he was supposed to be the best man at his cousin’s wedding. Loretta and John’s union was presided over by District Judge Frank McNamee.

Loretta had been married the first time before marrying John Agar, but the details of her first are unclear; it is uncertain if she had any kids with her first husband. On the other hand, Loretta Barnett’s husband was married to actress Shirley Temple, but she divorced him because of mental cruelty.

Loretta Barnet Combs was married to John Agar for over 40 years, up to her death in 2000.

Her Husband

Loretta Barnett Combs’ husband worked in the Navy before entering the entertainment industry. He started acting with the help of his first wife, Shirley Temple; the two first met in 1943 when John was escorting her to a party. Temple introduced him to her boss David Selznick, a film producer; David signed John to a five-year contract, and John featured in his first film in 1948.

In the film Fort Apache, Loretta’s husband is featured as second lieutenant Michael Shannon O’Rourke and Shirley’s love interest. The film also starred Henry Fonda and John Wayne. Loretta’s husband appeared with Shirley Temple in a second film, Adventure in Baltimore, but it did not do well.

John Agar was united with John Wayne in two 1949 films; first in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, where he played a romantic lead role, and in World War II’s Sands of Iwo Jima. John’s drinking behavior led to his firing and ruining his acting career as he failed to land a role with big studios in Hollywood.

Loretta’s husband made notable appearances on Young Fury, The Young and the Brave, Law of the Lawless, Waco, The Undefeated, Big Jake, King Kong, Miracle Mile, Family Affair, and Curse of the Swap Creature.

John Agar died on April 2002, aged 81, due to emphysema which developed over time due to his smoking habits. He was laid to rest beside his wife, Loretta Barnett Combs.


Loretta Combs died on January 27, 2000, aged 78, in Los Angeles, California, United States. The cause of her death was not revealed, but it is probably due to old age. She was buried at Riverside National Cemetery in California.