Lina Dzhugashvili, Personal Life and Net Worth

Lina Dzhugashvili boasts a rich political background. She is widely known for being the granddaughter of Joseph Stalin, the former premier of the Soviet Union. Today, Lina Dzhugashvili is quite old and living her life peacefully.

Today, let’s look back at her life timeline and find out the interesting details about her early life, parents, siblings, education, work, love life, children, net worth, and all other things about her.

Personal life

Since Lina Dzhugashvili maintains a private life and does not prefer to disclose much details regarding her life, not much is available about her early life. The only thing about her childhood is that she was born in 1942 and the name of her father is Vasily Stalin. That’s it. Besides that, no other information is available about the childhood of Lina Dzhugashvili. Not even the name of her mother is known. The same goes for the love life of Lina Dzhugashvili too. She has not spilled beans ┬áregarding her personal life.

Parents and siblings

Lina Dzhugashvili was one of many kids of Vasily Stalin. We already said that the name of the mother of Lina Dzhugashvilis is not known. The names of her siblings are Alexander Burdonsky, Lyudmila Dzhugashvili, Nadezhda Stalina, Svetlana Stalina, Tatyana Dzhugashvili, and Vasily Stalin. Neither of her siblings is much popular today. As for the professions of her parents, her father was an army man, while no confirmed information is available on the profession of her mother. On the other hand, the professions of the siblings of Lina Dzhugashvili are not known.


With the fact that Lina Dzhugashvili is already 80 years old, it is pretty obvious that she must have kids if she was interested in having a family. However, there is no confirmed information available on the kids of Lina Dzhugashvili.

Education and profession

This is again something that is not known to the public. With the fact that Lina Dzhugashvili belongs to such a prestigious family, it is a no-brainer that she would have definitely gained a top-level education and has a successful professional career as well. Like every other thing, Lina Dzhugashvili is hiding these details as well from the public eye.

Reason for the popularity of Lina Dzhugashvili

Needless to mention that one and only reason for the popularity of Lina Dzhugashvili is her grandfather, Joseph Stalin, who was a revolutionary Russian political leader. ┬áIt’s been decades since his death but his legacy is still alive and his family members are known because of him even today.

Net worth of Lina Dzhugashvili

Well, here, getting some confirmed information is not possible because Lina Dzhugashvili has not opened her lips regarding her earnings and profession. However, we assume that Lina Dzhugashvili must be having a good amount of money in her life, as she has such a wealthy family background.


Today, Lina Dzhugashvili is already 80 years old. She has experienced the different shades of life and today lives peacefully far away from the spotlight of the media.