Liliana Carella Rzeznik Career, Personal Life, & More

Without hesitation, celebrity kids like to live under the shadow of their parents and gain superiority. This entire situation arises because of the audience who are always inquisitive to accumulate notifications about them. However, as a result of this situation, people around the globe began catching a glimpse of celebrity kids. However,  Liliana Carella Rzeznik is not an exception. She is known to everyone because of her musician father.

As the title of the content demonstrates, it will communicate all kinds of information about Liliana Carella Rzeznik. Along with them, a few segments will also be adjoined about her father.

Early Life And Family

Liliana Carella Rzeznik was born on 22nd December 2016. Her parents were John Rzeznik and Melina Gallo. The couple met each other in 2005. However, after a long-term love relationship on 26th July 2013, they tied the knot in Malibu, California.

Apart from this nothing can be jotted down about Liliana. Despite being the daughter of such a famous musician none of her parents seems enthusiastic to illustrate anything about her. At present, she must have started going to school and has started to explore the world.

Liliana’s Father And Her Net Worth

John Joseph Theodore professionally, known as John Rzeznik is a songwriter, guitarist, and singer from America. He was born on 5th December 1965 in Buffalo, New York, U.S. He is the young son of Edith and Joe Rzeznik. He gained his primary education from Corpus Christi Grammar School.

John started his career with the famous band Goo Goo Dolls in 1985 with Robby Takac. Within a few years, he became the frontman of the band and has always presented to the band in numerous concerts. However, with the album named Gutterflower, John Rzeznik inscribed the lyrics of the song named “Always Know Where You Are”. On the other hand, he also served in the famous Disney movie Treasure Planet as the lyricist for the song named “I’m Still Here”.

His career graph took a long jump when John Rzeznik stood up in front of the audience as the judge of the famous Australian singing reality show named Australian Idol. In 2014 the famous American electronic music group Cash Cash confronted the audience with their single titled Lighting. Over there John shone as a lyricist as well as a vocalist.

In 2008 John Rzeznik was put into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. However, he also won the Hal David Starlight Award.

Liliana’s mother AKA Melina Gallo is not John’s first wife. Previously he was married to Laurie Farinacci in 1993 and parted ways in 2003. However, with her John doesn’t have any children.

According to sources, Johnny Rzeznik has an estimated net worth of 12 million dollars.

Liliana Carella Rzeznik’s Net Worth

No such information about her net worth can be assembled as Liliana is not in a position to generate her income. As the girl is only 6 years old that’s why it’s possible to pass along anything inappropriate without having an ethical pointer.


The above-mentioned sections of the content precisely clear out the notion about who Liliana Carella Rzeznik is. However, she will also achieve eminence in her field and will make her parents proud.