Who is Lilane Lathan?

Lilane Lathan is the half-sister to Sanaa Lathan and the daughter of the former Tv producer Stan Lathan. Lilane Lathan’s father was born on July 8, 1945, and his many years, since the early 1970s to date, in the entertainment industry have caused him to gain huge limelight.

The exact date of birth of Lilane is unknown, but she was born during Stan Lathan’s second marriage to Marguerite Lathan. The lovebirds were married in 1982, and they had three children, Lilane Lathan, being one of them.

The famous producer and director Lathan was married to Eleanor McCoy, a popular dancer and actress, between 1970 to 1977, and they had two children, Sanaa Lathan being one of them. Apart from Sanaa Lathan’ Lilane’s half-siblings and her father, other children of Lathan have shied away from the camera.

Because of the high privacy observed by Lilane and her other sibling, information regarding them has not been found on any public website. This explains why Lilane’s year of birth is not known.

Liliane Lathan’s Half-Sister

Sanaa Lathan is a popular actress from New York City. The actress was born on September 9, 1971, and has appeared in several Tv shows and films, making her a celebrity. When she was young, Sanaa’s parents divorced.

Sanaa had a brother Tendaji Lathan a famous Dj who she was born with. Although Sanaa’s parents divorced, she remained close to them and spent part of her time with her father and mother.

Sanaa joined Beverly Hills High School for her education and later joined the Manhattan center for science and mathematics. She continued her education up to university and joined the University of California, earning an English degree. Se later went to Yale University and earned a master’s in Drama.

While Sanaa was at Yale, her father encouraged her to perfect acting. Despite that, she performed in several Shakespeare plays and television roles in several episodes. She went into the limelight officially in 1998 in the Balde as the mother of Wesley.

Is Lilianes’ Half-Sister Married?

Sanaa Lathan started dating in the early 1990s. She was known to be in a relationship with Shemar Moore, an American actor, and fashion model. The two started dating in 1985, and they married in 1991. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived, and they ended it in 1996.

Sanaa later dated Omar Epps, an actor, rapper, and record producer. The two lovebirds were cast dating in a film, but eventually, they departed ways. In the following years, Sanaa dated several men, including French Montana, a rapper, but she never ended in a marriage with any of them.

Despite Sanaa being in many relationships, she never had children. It seems the actress wanted to have her full focus on her acting career.

Who is Lilane Lathan’s Father

Stan Lathan, born on July 8, 1945, is an American television film director and producer. The star is the father of Lilane, and he sired Lilan and her two sisters when the producer was married in his second marriage to Marguerite Lathan.