Kristie Floren Burgess, Personal Life and Net Worth

Kristie Floren Burgess is a celebrity daughter as well as a celebrity wife. She is best known for being the daughter of American musician Myron Floren and the wife of American singer and dancer Bobby Burgess. Given the fact, Kristie Floren Burgess has enjoyed stardom throughout her life.

Today, let’s dig deeper and find out the life details about Kristie Floren Burgess including her childhood, family, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and many other details.

Personal life

Since Kristie Floren Burgess herself is not a popular figure, there is no information available on her date of birth. As for the names of her parents, she is the daughter of Berdyne Koerner and Myron Floren. Kristie Floren Burgess holds American nationality and probably follows the same ethnicity as her parents. Coming to the love life of Kristie Floren Burgess, she is the beloved wife of Bobby Burgess, who is a musician by profession. The couple got married on valentine’s day in 1972 and, since then, there have been only happy things for them.

Parents and siblings

Kristie Floren Burgess is one of five daughters of her parents Berdyne Koerner and Myron Floren. Her parents got married in 1945 and together they had five kids, all daughters. The names of siblings of Kristie Floren Burgess are not known though. The marriage of her parents lasted till the death of Kristie Floren Burgess’s father in 2005. Speaking of their professions, we have already told you that the father of Kristie Floren Burgess was a great musician. On the other hand, the profession of her mother is a mystery to the public. Probably, she was a homemaker.


Kristie Floren Burgess has a happy and blissful married life with her husband. Together the couple has four kids and they live happily with the entire family in Hollywood Hills.

Education and profession

Here, you will not get any confirmed information because the education of Kristie Floren Burgess has not been disclosed to the public by her parents themselves. Considering the fact that she is a celebrity daughter, it is pretty obvious that she must have received her education from some reputed institute. If you talk about the profession of Kristie Floren Burgess, it is not known to the public either.

Reason for the popularity of Kristie Floren Burgess

The two most important men are the main reason for the popularity of Kristie Floren Burgess. In her childhood, Kristie Floren Burgess enjoyed a fair share of popularity because of her musician father, Myron Floren. Today, she is popular predominantly because of her musician husband, Bobby Burgess.

Net worth of Kristie Floren Burgess

With the fact that the profession of Kristie Floren Burgess has not been disclosed to the public, her exact net worth can’t be estimated. Though we don’t know the net worth of Kristie Floren Burgess, we are pretty sure of one thing that Kristie Floren Burgess has been enjoying a queen-like life since her childhood. The reason is, she is the daughter of a rich father and the wife of a rich husband. As of 2022, her husband is said to have an estimated net worth of around 2.5 million.


We must say that Kristie Floren Burgess is a fortunate lady. She got to enjoy luxury, love, comfort, and everything in her life. Despite the fact, she always maintained a low profile and didn’t show off things unnecessarily.