Kristen Joan Svega, Personal Life and Net Worth

Some people gain popularity in the world because of the good deeds of their family members but some become the reason for the news headlines because of the horrific acts of their close ones. Kristen Joan Svega falls is one such person who falls into the second category. She is the wife of world-famous American murderer Tex Watson.

Today, we are going to talk everything about Kristen Joan Svega including her early life, family, siblings, education, work, net worth, and many other such details.

Personal life

With the fact that Kristen Joan Svega grabbed public attention only after marrying Tex Watson, there is no information available about her childhood. Neither the names of her parents nor her exact dob, nothing is really known about the early life of Kristen Joan Svega. As for the love life of Kristen Joan Svega, you already know that she is the wife of American murderer Tex Watson. However, it is not confirmed whether she married him before his imprisonment or after that.

Parents and siblings

As we just said that the early life of Kristen Joan Svega is under wraps and she has not revealed any information regarding that, the name of her parents, as well as siblings, are not known.


Though Kristen Joan Svega could not spend much time with her husband, Tex Watson, she has 4 kids with him including three sons and one daughter. According to some sources, the couple had these all kids after the imprisonment of Tex Watson. Actually, they all are the result of conjugal visits of Kristen Joan Svega to her husband. The names of the kids of Kristen Joan Svega are not known though.

Education and profession

Like the family life of Kristen Joan Svega, she hasn’t revealed any details regarding her education as well as profession. We can’t make any assumption about her education either, as we have literally no information about that. However, if you talk about her profession, we assume that Kristen Joan Svega must be doing something to make a living and feed her family because her husband is in prison and she is raising four kids all alone.

Reason for the popularity of Kristen Joan Svega

Of course, it’s the husband of Kristen Joan Svega, Tex Watson, who puts her in the news headlines. Call it popularity or notoriety but whatever it is, it is all because of her husband.

Net worth of Kristen Joan Svega

Considering the fact that the profession of Kristen Joan Svega is not confirmed, we can’t be sure about her net worth either. However, one thing is sure that Kristen Joan Svega is definitely a working lady and must be earning a good amount of money. Else, how could she feed herself as well as her family.


Regardless of whatever happened in the life of Kristen Joan Svega, we must say that she is a very strong lady, who knows very well how to get through difficult situations and come stronger like never before.