Kory Allen Clemens, Personal Life and Net Worth

Kory Allen Clemens is a celebrity child, who got to enjoy a galore of popularity right from his childhood because of his famous celebrity father, Roger Clemens, who is a famous American former professional baseball pitcher. Today, Kory Allen Clemens is in his 30s but prefers to maintain a private life.

However, let’s try to find out the life details of Kory Allen Clemens including his childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details that have never been talked about.

Personal life

On 31st May 1988, Roger Clemens and Debra Lynn Godfrey were blessed with a baby boy and it was Kory Allen Clemens. Like his parents, Kory Allen Clemens also holds American nationality and probably follows them as well in terms of religious views.

Speaking about the personal life of Kory Allen Clemens, it is a complete mystery to the public. Today, Kory Allen Clemens is 34 years old, so we can say that he might have gotten married if he had found his lady charm. However, we are yet to get any confirmed information about this.

Parents and siblings

Kory Allen Clemens is one of four kids of his parents Roger Clemens and Debra Lynn Godfrey, who got married in 1984. Since then, there have been only happy and blissful days for them. On the professional front, the father of Kory Allen Clemens holds a successful gaming career as a baseball player, while the profession of his mother has not been disclosed to the public.

As for his siblings, Kory Allen Clemens is blessed with three siblings to play with and have a wonderful childhood. The names of his siblings are  Kacy Austin Clemens, Koby Clemens, and Kody Clemens.


Since Kory Allen Clemens has not revealed any information about his love life, it is not possible to figure out whether he has any kids or not. As for the information available on the Internet, the young man has not become a father yet.

Education and profession

This is again something about Kory Allen Clemens that is a secret to the public. Neither the parents of Kory Allen Clemens nor he himself ever disclosed any details regarding his education as well as profession.

Reason for the popularity of Kory Allen Clemens

Apart from the legacy and huge stardom of his father, what brought Kory Allen Clemens into the news headlines recently was the fact that he was arrested for drunken driving.

Net worth of Kory Allen Clemens

Well, the net worth of the 34 years old celebrity child is yet to be public because his profession is not known. However, Kory Allen Clemens is living a luxurious and privileged life today because his father has already accumulated a giant net worth of around 70 million.


The father of Kory Allen Clemens is a legendary player.  Kory Allen Clemens has not followed in the footsteps of his father and shaped his career in some different field. We hope he will be successful like his father in whatever profession he would be.